I say “Hey! What’s Going On?”

What did Ibrahim “Abe” Suleiman really accomplish by his “historic” visit to Israel? Did he pressure the Israelis into softening their stance with regard to the Assadian overtures for peace? Or did he just embarrass the Syrian leadership, especially Bashar, and set the whole peace process back? – Because to talk to the Israelis now is going to tantamount to suicide for Bashar?

Suleiman_hanegbyIndeed, if the story of this bizarre development is being covered in international press as some kind of a bold gesture on part of the Syrian leadership, in Syrian press, and, more importantly, in the Syrian street, the whole development smacks of treason and surrender.

So, who’s bating whom here? Or, did regime spin doctors overplay their hand in their age-old manner? Or even, is a strictly individual act having some unintended and unforeseen consequences here?

Bear in mind in this regard the alleged relation between Abe Suleiman and a certain high-ranking namesake of his in the Syrian military intelligence, and the plot really thickens. 

On a not-so-unrelated note, what’s really behind all these recently publicized plans involving the destruction of parts of Old Damascus, culminating days ago in a report about plans to dismantle one of the Minarets of the Omayad Mosque itself? What’s going on here? What the point of all this activity at this point in time? Is someone intentionally trying to foment rebellion among the Sunni population of Damascus, and perhaps Syria? If so, who and why? Or is someone just being plain dumb?

Be careful how you answer this, though, because many of these reports have been circulated on pro-regime websites such as Cham Press and Syria News, and not only independent or opposition websites.


I have just reactivated my long-dormant Arabic blog Zandaqa again for those who prefer to dialogue in Arabic, and in order to reach out to my colleagues and teammates in Syria and the region.