No Worries, I Live!

My period of prolonged silence will have to continue for a few more weeks I am afraid. But, just to appease those who think I bowed out, let me say that I absolutely did not. Indeed, we at Tharwa are now dealing with another round of interrogations, intimidation and arrest, but so do all internet activists in the country at this stage in pursuance of some new and clear-cut directives from Syrian authorities. But we have no intention of leaving the scene.


Also, and with regard to the attempt in some Arabic website to paint me as some sort of a double agent, working both for and gains the regime, well, these reports have actually served to galvanize the Syrian activist scene and rallied most known activists and dissidents to our side. Sometimes our enemies can do us more good than harm, especially when they underestimate us and our dedication to the cause.


So, much is indeed taking place behind the scenes, but I should be back to full-blogging mode soon.


But I do want to take this opportunity to thank all those who were concerned with my prolonged silence and do want to assure them that I am not at all “out of the picture,” as they say. Far from it, I am in the thick of it like never before, and will keep on digging down deeper and deeper with every passing moment and with every breath. No worries then. No worries.