Twittering Angst, Heresy and Revolution

A selection from my first few Tweets starting with my first actual Tweet: 

  1. Still wondering whether it is really a good idea to start twittering. 4:31 PM May 15th
  2. The only certainty I have is that of a fool who still believes he can overcome anything. Like all real certainties, choice is irrelevant. 3:05 AM May 17th
  3. Doubts and illusions are my daily bread. The nights belong to madness. 3:09 AM May 17th
  4. Even tyrants dream and killers hope. They love their families and have a sense of duty. But how inclusive are they? Inclusion is the key… 1:27 AM May 18th
  5. What good is choice in the face of inner compulsion? 1:39 AM May 18th
  6. Empires rise and fall, kingdoms crumble, hopes are dashed and some reborn, as my mind slowly decays into restless sleep. 2:28 AM May 18th
  7. Freedom beckons, we have been waiting for so long, we have to keep on pushing. 5:15 PM May 18th
  8. It’s all about foolishness. Theirs and mine. They think they can perpetuate the system indefinitely, and I think I can challenge it head-on 5:30 PM May 18th
  9. Everything and everyone unravel: the good, the bad, the ugly, the dissident. Until when, I wonder, can I hold off my own unravelling? 5:49 PM May 18th
  10. Hope comes from the strangest places, at the strangest times and in the strangest guises. 8:09 PM May 18th
  11. The Jasmine Revolution is currently in the editing phase. Endgame is in sight. Freedom is at hand, almost. What else left to do? 1:37 PM May 19th
  12. Heart-wrenching reality, mind-blowing sexuality, and fear. Welcome to the modern-day Middle East. 4:51 PM May 19th
  13. I need a fucking darkside. I need to even out the odds. 6:22 PM May 19th
  14. Self-doubt is the only thing that keeps me honest and decent. Without it, I might as well be a Fascist pig. 11:48 PM May 19th
  15. Peace of the Brave may not have worked, and Peace of the Slave will never work. Shall we go for Peace of the Dead? 12:57 PM May 20th
  16. Slipping through the cracks of unforgiving unforgiveable realities is not a learning process- it’s just agony, meaningless, unnecessary. 4:59 PM May 20th
  17. At some point, innocence disappears, and the only thing left to consider is our varying degrees of guilt and responsibility. 7:31 PM May 20th
  18. Peace Process: dead on track. Piece Process: full steam ahead. Obsession with “stability” and “security” and downright dishonesty to blame 12:57 AM May 21st
  19. Calling for dialogue with oppressors can only be advocated if one sincerely believes that they are unaware of their oppression. 3:27 PM May 21st
  20. Women might love the tyranny in your eyes. But they hate it in your lips, and abhor it in your hands. 3:34 PM May 21st
  21. Arab leaders can’t mend their ways. To them, the old ways are hallowed. Democracy and modernity, on the other hand, are just plain hollow. 6:51 PM May 21st
  22. Absolute regimes must be opposed absolutely. There is no ground for common grounds. 6:58 PM May 21st
  23. They all feel justified now. After all, they were right about the hopelessness of it all- but I still cherish the illusion of hope. 10:26 PM May 21st
  24. Philanthropy drives excellence, but it cannot flourish without freedom. 11:26 AM May 22nd
  25. Corrupt authoritarian regimes have a greater interest in ransacking their societies and impoverishing their peoples than in developing them. 6:02 PM May 23rd