Tweets Of Self-Awareness

  1. The first gift of self-awareness was emptiness. The second was fear. The third was a sense of betrayal. The fourth was anger, and madness. 3:56 AM Jun 13th
  2. The fifth gift of self-awareness was self-reflection. The sixth was wonder. The seventh imagination and daydreams. The eighth inventiveness. 4:00 AM Jun 13th
  3. Evil predates good. Evil is the rule, the norm. Good the exception, the abnormal condition which we are busy trying to impose upon the world 4:04 AM Jun 13th
  4. The first human act was violent, because it was borne out of anger and frustration. That’s why we yearn for self-redemption and salvation. 4:30 AM Jun 13th
  5. Self-awareness made us conscious of the consequences of our violent nature and bred guilt. Guilt called for redemption and invented “good.” 4:38 AM Jun 13th