Tweets Of Iranian President Elections & The Green Elections

  1. Was it fraud? Or does Ahmadinejad’s “win” reflect his ability to cast himself a champion of the poor in a state where the majority is poor? 3:51 PM Jun 13th
  2. If fraud was involved in the elections, then Ahmadinejad and clique, with Khamenei’s backing, must have already planned for a showdown. 6:06 PM Jun 13th
  3.  Should Ahmadinejad emerge emboldened and unscathed from the current showdown, then our eyes should immediately turn back to Lebanon and Gaza 6:20 PM Jun 13th
  4. Fraud or no fraud, the world now has to deal with a more defiant Ahmadinejad and a troubling N. Korea. The “Axis of Evil” is fighting back. 6:38 PM Jun 13th
  5. Terminologies notwithstanding, the current situation in Iran argues for more sustained support for democracy activists in our region. 6:42 PM Jun 13th
  6. Don’t expect the Assads regime to break rank with Iran now, not when Ahmadinejad is still at the helm, willing to do what it takes to stay. 6:48 PM Jun 13th
  7. It’s not about Moussavi per se, it never was. It’s about a new generation learning how to fight the good fight again. It’s about freedom. 6:32 PM Jun 15th
  8. When it gets out of control, call it a revolution. So long as various leaders are able to turn it off and on, it’s just a power struggle. 9:46 PM Jun 16th
  9. A power struggle is not necessarily a bad thing: it still shakes up the system and could make it more fragile and flexible. 9:47 PM Jun 16th
  10. The best result that can be obtained from a power struggle in the absence of independent popular pressure is the emergence of a new tyrant. 9:50 PM Jun 16th
  11. The most likely result of a power struggle in the absence of independent popular pressure is power-consolidation under the existing tyrant. 9:51 PM Jun 16th
  12. Independent popular pressure can influence the outcome of a traditional power struggle and perhaps transform it into a veritable revolution. 11:58 PM Jun 16th
  13. #helpiranelection – show support for democracy in Iran add green overlay to your Twitter avatar with 1-click – 3:57 PM Jun 17th
  14. Moussavi is not a saint, but marching Iranians deserve our support as they try to shake up the system and build some momentum for change. 6:47 PM Jun 21st
  15. Keep the battle going by keeping the embers of the dream alive, by planting more seeds of sedition and burning anticipation in your soul. 7:57 PM Jun 21st
  16. It ain’t over until the Fat Ayatollah sings. Rafsanjani might hold key to making/breaking the Iranian Intifadah depending on he does next.5:03 PM Jun 22nd