Tweets Of Revolutions


  1. Revolutions are the only option that can afford our peoples the chance to influence the decision-making processes in the region. 7:47 PM Jun 13th
  2. If you are serious about revolution, you have to be serious about organization and ready to handle the mess. It’s not enough to shout out. 7:48 PM Jun 13th
  3. Preparing for a revolution is an industrial process. Preparing a dozen revolutions is more so. But that’s exactly what we need in our region 7:53 PM Jun 13th
  4. We need to build an organized constituency and a sustained momentum for change, a single spark here and there is not enough. 7:56 PM Jun 13th
  5. We have to connect the dots, exchange expertise, fight simultaneously on different fronts, and continuously reshuffle operational priorities 7:58 PM Jun 13th
  6. Our problem is that we are fighting separately and are always caught trying to do things on the run. We cannot improvise our way to freedom. 8:00 PM Jun 13th
  7. The revolutionary option is the only option. Gradual reforms have no chance. We need radical change NOW. We need to bring down the system. 10:00 PM Jun 13th
  8. Full Spectrum Rebellion. Absolute Resolute Rejection. Long Live the Radical Option. Up with the End of Lies. Down with the Oppressive System 1:16 AM Jun 14th
  9. In life, justice and liberty are not intrinsic qualities, but an added value that we need to impose through obsessive determination. 3:24 PM Jun 14th
  10. There’s no escaping culpability. Your speaking out, your listening in, your silence; your action, reaction, inaction- all make you culpable. 2:35 AM Jun 15th
  11. If culpability is unavoidable, why put up with tyranny and oppression? Why not fight to the end? Why live as slave? What matter the price? 2:40 AM Jun 15th
  12. The only chance you have to influence the decision-making process is to throw yourself right in the fray of it. 12:01 AM Jun 17th
  13. Dedicated to the titular head of the Syrian regime to help him through his hour of confusion: “Know Thy Self. T… ♫ 5:58 PM Jun 18th
  14.     The only history that matters and which we can truly be proud of is the one we make, not the one that was made for us. 1:27 AM Jun 19th
  15. Pragmatists advocate engaging dictators, but when they are presented with an opportunity to undermine them, they turn cynical! Go figure. 7:02 PM Jun 21st
  16. Transitions are messy and democracy is not a guaranteed outcome. But if the status quo is the alternative, then anarchy is preferable. 7:14 PM Jun 21st
  17. When tyranny reasserts itself, so will the desire to break free. The battle is never over, the moment is never gone. We go through phases. 7:38 PM Jun 21st
  18. Dictators know well that their “victory” is tenuous at best. That’s why they have to keep bombarding you daily with their ever bigger lies. 8:03 PM Jun 21st
  19. We observe, we follow, we opinionate, but history is made in the trenches, even cyber-trenches. There are more ways for participation today 7:38 PM Jun 22nd
  20. The road ahead is never straight and level, and every step in it is a crossroad. You cannot stop making choices no matter how hard it gets. 11:57 PM Jun 22nd
  21. Your inaction is action and your inability/unwillingness to choose is a choice. You’re responsible for what is even if you don’t want to be. 12:06 AM Jun 23rd
  22. Facades change, the underlying rules remain the same: life is about choices, freedom is sacrifice, and peace is acceptance and understanding 12:38 AM Jun 23rd
  23. Freedom calls for sacrifice, justice for continuous advocacy, peace for mutual acceptance. These are the basic pillars of life with dignity. 1:43 PM Jun 23rd
  24. U.S. to send ambassador back to Syria – When you make peace with the Lion, you’re approving of slaughtering the lamb. 12:16 AM Jun 24
  25. Freedom and justice are prerequisites for peace. Without them there could be no peace, without them peacemaking is just a pipe-dream. 1:42 AM Jun