Obama’s Regional Tour

  1. The inability to see and believe the obvious reflects an equally obvious inability to envision an effective strategy for dealing with it. 3:17 AM Jul 6th
  2. U.S. policymakers refuse to see the obvious in our region: unfriendly regimes will always be unfriendly and will not be part of any solution 3:55 AM Jul 6th
  3. The status quo in our region is crumbling, but America won’t have any friends unless she invests herself fully in producing the alternatives 3:57 AM Jul 6th
  4. Fighting blood-thirsty tyrants with eloquent speeches, handshakes and assurances of respect make good PR but not a good foreign policy. 4:04 AM Jul 6th
  5. You cannot fend off vampires with lollypops. You cannot oppose tyrants with words. You cannot win respect by a show of weakness. 4:10 AM Jul 6th 
  6. Jesus might love the meek, but life is much less sympathetic. If the meek want justice in this life, they need to get organized and fight. 4:16 AM Jul 6th
  7. In Ghana, Obama was effusive about need for good governance in Africa. Earlier in Egypt, he had tiptoed around same issues. Why, I wonder? 7:37 PM Jul 11th
  8. Zombies and vampires have always had a symbiotic relationship, just like brutal dictators and certain pragmatic leaders of the “free” world. 4:40 PM Jul 12th