Facebook gets caught in Golan Heights dispute

Quoted in CNN

JERUSALEM (CNN) — Logging onto Facebook as a resident in the Golan Heights, should you enter Syria or Israel as your home country? … “We deal with the listings for disputed territories on a case-by-case basis, and with Golan Heights we decided a dual listing made sense in this instance.”

Reaction from Syria is likely to be muted according to Syrian scholar, Ammar Abdulhamid. He told CNN that Facebook and other social networking sites have already been banned in Syria. “The Syrian government has really taken a strong stance on Internet activism and social networking sites,” he said.

“The real reason is nothing to do with the Arab-Israeli conflict, it’s because these sites are very popular with Syrian activists.”

But with 300 million users worldwide and an estimated 120 million logging in every single day according to Facebook, there will inevitably be fears about a backlash against the site that now finds itself at the center of a 40-year-old conflict.