Development and Authoritarianism

Comment 1: Countries like South Africa, India, Malaysia and Indonesia that invest in education, technology and development can overcome much of their internal problems and shortcomings and emerge as real world powers in relatively short span of time. Meanwhile Arab countries focus on resistance ideology, importing technology and repelling indigenous talent. Authoritarianism is our plague.

Comment 2: Here is to a Just Despot! World History has known a few. But Arab culture cannot produce just despots, so, don’t hold any false hopes in this regard. Only a true commitment to democratic change can pave our way out of the current morass.

Comment 3: All dictators are alike. They are not motivated by ideology or national interests, but by lust and covetousness.

Comment 4: I smell revolution in the air, and everywhere a crisis. The powerful are powerless and the powerless are angry, hungry and restless. And everybody’s clueless. Everybody’s  wrong. And History’s only standing imperative is the continuing survival of the species. Only those that can ensure that will endure. Everybody else and all other considerations be damned! We are but the instruments of our collective unconscious.