Ideas and Sterility

Comment 1: Indeed Arab attitudes towards America are far more complex than traditional media and scholars let on. The fact that foreign policy is not a priority for the Arabs though, should not come as a surprise to anyone; foreign policy is hardly a priority for any people. People’s immediate preoccupation is always with their specific living conditions. But as people understand more and more the intimate linkages between domestic and foreign policy, perhaps their attitudes will change. There is this myth among many Arabs that just because they can name the leaders of so many countries around the world, this, somehow, makes them more knowledgeable about the world, than, say, the American people, who often fail to name even their own leaders. But there is more to knowledge, especially knowledge of foreign policy and world affairs, than naming names. The reality is we are no less ignorant about the world than it is about us. But we are paying the price for our continued ignorance in this regard, because we are the weaker link.

Comment 2: Bashar Al-Assad latest’s latest dismissive statements regarding possibility of internal revolution in Syria, reveals, if anything, his actually concern in this regard, otherwise, he would never have raised this issue publicly.

Comment 3: So, who owns the copyrights to Yoga? The Indian Government says she does. It’s like Saudi Arabia copyrighting Islam, and Palestine copyrighting Judaism and Christianity. Still, the Indian government might have a point, there are a lot of people out there claiming to have invented some new Yoga discipline, when, they might just be regurgitating something old, but not too well-known.

Comment 4: Ideas are universal and they are as susceptible to interpretations & adaptations as they are to sterility & death. Those who strive to keep ideas pure are, in effect, striving to make them sterile & irrelevant.

Comment 5: We don’t really need to go to Saturn to find alien life. I believe that most Arab liberal, like myself, qualify as alien life forms. And we are not simply from a different planet or galaxy – we are from a different time.