Tweeting the Egyptian Revolution (4)

A selection of tweets related to the Egyptian Revolution, I have excluded most retweets as well as tweets in Arabic or tweets that simply link to articles and news reports. Most tweets reflect personal thoughts of information obtained from monitoring reports from the ground sent by in-country activists and journalists.

  1. What’s Behind Demonstrations in #Egypt? – Desire 4 Freedom 4 Dignity 4 Better Future than they’re preparing 4 us #jan25 2011-01-28T00:00:54Z
  2. They want power. We want freedom. They have guns. We have cellphones. They’re ready 2 kill. We’re willing 2 die 4 better tomorrow #jan25 2011-01-28T00:05:21Z
  3. #Egyptian unrest may set off vicious economic cycle – Little price 2 pay 4 ppl willing 2 shed own blood 4 freedom #jan25 2011-01-28T00:20:05Z
  4. Egyptian authorities seem to be encouraging thugs 2 burn cars loot shops in order 2 smear protesters decrease potential turnout tmrrw #jan25 2011-01-28T00:25:54Z
  5. Reports of videos, pictures, status updates getting deleted from Facebook pages supporting protesters, FB new battle front now #jan25 2011-01-28T00:29:33Z
  6. Police nowhere 2 be seen in Central Cairo where looting reported. They were everywhere when protesters involved #jan25 2011-01-28T00:31:44Z
  7. Mubarak Strategy: famous public figures smear protesters, speak of hidden foreign agendas, encourage looting, cut off communications #jan25 2011-01-28T00:34:52Z
  8. As VP, Joe Biden will be embarrassment even in Egypt. 4 shame. Obama, Clinton say 1 thing, Biden another, all want Mubarak 2 stay #jan25 2011-01-28T00:50:46Z
  9. Reports of looting appear exaggerated. Only few incidents confirmed. Police absence might be 2 take time 2 rest plan 4 tomorrow #jan25 2011-01-28T00:57:23Z
  10. Arrest of MB leader Aryan appears preemption for potential MB participation in tomorrow’s protests & 2 give protests Islamist slant #jan25 2011-01-28T01:20:55Z
  11. 2 substitute 4 lack of direct communications, use bicycles motorcycles runners even i.e. old school it, not as effective but helpful #jan25 2011-01-28T02:22:33Z
  12. With all bad news of communications cut-off, arrests, sabotage, ppl like @alaa etc. give much hope 4 tmrrw. All not lost but 2 be had #jan25 2011-01-28T02:33:12Z
  13. Morale high among activists, preps 4 2moro unfold. We’re dealing w/determined smart unafraid young ppl who know all theirs 4 taking #jan25 2011-01-28T02:41:53Z
  14. Biden says Egypt’s Mubarak no dictator, shouldn’t step down | Biden should become persona non-grata in free Egypt #jan25 2011-01-28T02:59:30Z
  15. The downfall of Pharaohs is always brought about by their own tyranny, avarice, disregard 4 the people. Mubarak’s Textbook Example #jan25 2011-01-28T03:24:16Z
  16. The Pharaoh retires for the night, dreams of victory accomplished. We sleep fitfully all through longing for the victory to come #jan25 2011-01-28T03:28:25Z
  17. @JonStewart just did funny & sympathetic take on Egyptian Uprising. World will surely be watching now. Jon more powerful than Obama #jan25 2011-01-28T04:10:39Z
  18. Why #Egypt regime can weather the storm – Oh, let’s put this damn argument to rest in next few hours, shall we? #jan25 2011-01-28T04:58:26Z
  19. #Egypt unrest rages on, biggest protests planned How do u plan end of era? By focusing on little tactical details #jan25 2011-01-28T05:03:19Z
  20. Due 2 internet crackdown activists plan 2 old-schools it & rely on Nour DSL used by Egypt Bourse which won’t be shut down #jan25 2011-01-28T05:24:54Z
  21. Critical day in Revolution of Anger about to unfold. Pharaoh drew his line in sand, Protesters drew theirs. Reckoning coming #jan25 #egypt 2011-01-28T06:32:02Z
  22. Shaikh Qaradawi always controversial, this time around got priorities right, says protesters Egypt’s children, condemns shooting them #jan25 2011-01-28T09:31:03Z
  23. Retweet of Sultan Al Qassemi (SultanAlQassemi) Egyptian grandmother to BBC Arabic radio “I am encouraging my family to protest. I will be proud of them” #Jan25 2011-01-28T09:34:42Z
  24. @SultanAlQassemi When thug like Mubarak loses grandma’s vote loses everything When grandmas break fear barrier freedom around corner #jan25 2011-01-28T09:37:19Z
  25. There were civil disobedience & revolutions be4 internet, their techniques still play vital role in current developments in #egypt #jan25 2011-01-28T09:56:26Z
  26. Only thing US policymakers capable of doing today is more of same foolishness. It’s their fallback & default position, their malaise #jan25 2011-01-28T10:02:30Z
  27. Not sure what Imams would preach most of them gov appointed. But people will be praying 4 freedom, then will fight 4 it in streets #jan25 2011-01-28T10:17:33Z
  28. Egyptian government ‘on last legs’ says ElBaradei | #jan25 It’s tiptoeing out of history as we speak, type, pray & fight 2011-01-28T10:19:37Z
  29. Day of anger suggests protest driven by youth free of ideology Freeing minds of ideology key2 freedom frm tyranny #jan25 2011-01-28T10:24:52Z
  30. Freeing our minds of ideology is key to freeing our societies from tyranny #jan25 #sidibouzid #yemen #salihout 2011-01-28T10:26:24Z
  31. Prayer started throughout #Egypt, Al-Jazeerah live broadcast scrambled. This is unprecedented #jan25 2011-01-28T10:29:15Z
  32. What we can be sure of even now: there will be clashes and there will be bloodshed. And Egypt will never be the same #jan25 2011-01-28T10:49:46Z
  33. Imams call 4 calm ignored, protests resumed thru/out country, already clashed reported in Sharqiya, ppl chanting down w/regime #jan25 #egypt 2011-01-28T11:15:17Z
  34. #Aljazeerah blocked in Egypt but back broadcasting on different frequencies #jan25 2011-01-28T11:26:42Z
  35. Protests now in Center Cairo, clashes with police started, tear gas and rubber bullets use reported. #jan25 2011-01-28T11:27:50Z
  36. Protests now in #Jordan, #Yemen and #Egypt: let’s not mince words, this is an Arab Revolt, spark will catch on elsewhere #jan25 #salihout 2011-01-28T11:33:06Z
  37. Considering attack on BBC reporter by police in civilian attire, journalists should be extra-vigilant, this war on media ppl as well #jan25 2011-01-28T11:42:11Z
  38. Mubarak regime desperate, will go down w/bang not whimper, but important thing it will go down #jan25 2011-01-28T11:50:42Z
  39. Attempts at cutting off com lines have not prevented world following dvlpmnts, attacks on journalists underscore regime’s desperation #jan25 2011-01-28T11:53:48Z
  40. Cooperation between activists, journalists online on-the grounds is ensuring continued coverage of developments in Egypt #jan25 2011-01-28T12:03:08Z
  41. We may not be able to bring you live videos and pics at this stage, but truth is out, it says: Egyptian ppl want Mubarak out #jan25 2011-01-28T12:03:58Z
  42. Thousands gathering near presidential palace demanding ouster of Mubarak #jan25 2011-01-28T12:27:16Z
  43. Police in civilian attire continue assault on reporters, activists: they infiltrate protests 2 identify leaders #jan25 2011-01-28T12:28:09Z
  44. Was kicked out of Twitter 4 while 4 exceeding daily limits, luckily didn’t last long, hopefully won’t happen again at this stage #jan25 2011-01-28T12:29:06Z
  45. They wanted to shut down communications and isolate country, instead developments being covered by all news channels in Arabic #jan25 2011-01-28T12:30:35Z
  46. And Twitterverse still abuzz about all things Egyptian. What shot to foot. Hopefully soon self-inflected shot 2 head (metaphorically) #jan25 2011-01-28T12:31:58Z
  47. French Foreign Ministry confirmed arrest of 4 French journalists in Cairo #jan25 Mubarak regime burning all bridges w/world 2011-01-28T12:34:25Z
  48. 10,000s protesters reported in Alexandria in various locations #jan25 2011-01-28T12:35:09Z
  49. Reports of policemen removing uniforms and joining protests. Some infiltrate to disrupt, but most join out of conviction #jan25 2011-01-28T12:36:38Z
  50. #aljazeerah Arabic is providing excellent live coverage which all can follow thanks to @octavianasr link #jan25 2011-01-28T12:49:24Z
  51. Thousands demonstrating in front of presidential palace demanding ouster of Mubarak, his blackout strategy failed miserably #jan25 #egypt 2011-01-28T12:50:35Z
  52. 40,000 protesters in Mansoura demolish ruling party’s headquarters. Protesters seeking downfall of regime not reform #jan25 2011-01-28T12:52:53Z
  53. Ppl inside Egypt cannot follow #Aljazeerah broadcast, blocked again, all outside can, it’s broadcasting live from different locals #jan25 2011-01-28T12:54:46Z
  54. Tahrir Square under protester control, police out, but firing tear gas from building tops, 2 cars police burning, casualties reported #jan25 2011-01-28T12:58:20Z
  55. Live-streaming speaks volumes though you may not understand commentary, highly recommend it #jan25 #egypt 2011-01-28T13:00:03Z
  56. Former Mubarak official current chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee Parliament on #AlJazeerah deflects blame frm Mubarak 2 cabinet #jan25 2011-01-28T13:04:53Z
  57. They still think they can contain the situation, when will this denial stops? Your moment of truth has come Mubarak & ilk. Get Out! #jan25 2011-01-28T13:09:24Z
  58. Some protesters now holding prayers in Tahrir Square as clashes continue in nearby streets and squares #jan25 2011-01-28T13:15:23Z
  59. Protesters in Tahrir chanting: “where is the Egyptian army?” in hope of setting army against regime a la Tunisia #jan25 2011-01-28T13:16:36Z
  60. Ayman Nour injured and moved to hospital, injury not serious #jan25 2011-01-28T13:21:49Z
  61. Not only poor are rebelling or middle class, hundreds of youths from uppity Maadi neighborhood also joined protests #jan25 2011-01-28T13:27:44Z
  62. MB spokesman Baltaji on #aljazeerah: Protests not led by MB, but by Egyptians from all backgrounds opposed to Mubarak family rule #jan25 2011-01-28T13:34:11Z
  63. In #Dimyat, thousands of protesters take control of, ransack NDP headquarters  #jan25 2011-01-28T13:39:27Z
  64. 4 French journalists detained earlier today in Cairo are freed, according to AFP #jan25 2011-01-28T13:41:59Z
  65. Politicians divided whether 2 push 4 reform or regimefall, but protesters making all this happen are not: they want Mubarak & Co out #jan25 2011-01-28T13:43:42Z
  66. 8 October Bridge in Cairo Center completely shut down, hundreds arrested #jan25 2011-01-28T13:48:21Z
  67. 10,000s demonstrations in Port Said, clashes w/police, casualties reported #jan25 2011-01-28T13:48:34Z
  68. Estimate: If we take considerations of all reports, number of protesters on street now thru/out Egypt around 300,000 at least #jan25 2011-01-28T13:51:20Z
  69. Protesters control Geish Street in #suez and most parts of city center, police withdraw. More protesters pour into streets by minute #jan25 2011-01-28T14:12:11Z
  70. We’re knocking on doors of tomorrow w/all our might. We want in We’re tired of being excluded frm history of being treated like sheep #jan25 2011-01-28T14:19:57Z
  71. There will be time 2 think of new structure we should build, but for now, we have 2 focus on minute-2-minute management of protest #jan25 2011-01-28T14:22:15
  72. Army neutrality so far reflects calculations & weighing of options behind closed doors. Perseverance could pave 2 Tunisian scenario #jan25 2011-01-28T14:53:53Z
  73. In Republic of Fear that is #Syria, regime seems more terrified than ppl despite lack of any protests, mere possibility causing panic #jan25 2011-01-28T14:56:55Z
  74. Can anyone confirm Al-Arabiya report that #Syria has shut down internet services for entire country? #jan25 #sidibouzid 2011-01-28T15:00:23Z
  75. If Al-Arabiya report true, #Syria shut down internet, then it must b reaction 2 calls by opposition 4 demos on Feb 5 #jan25 2011-01-28T15:13:09Z
  76. After #Suez, protesters control #Alexandria, police, officials pulled out, ppl arresting remaining police, accor 2 AlJaz corresp. #jan25 2011-01-28T15:15:54Z
  77. Taking all reports into account, more than 1,000,000 protesters in streets all over #Egypt at the moment #jan25 2011-01-28T15:24:46Z
  78. Protesters in #Cairo are now on offensive, as policemen run, army vehicles heading towards Cairo center, curfew declared in Cairo #jan25 2011-01-28T15:26:19Z
  79. Curfew declared on Egyptian TV by so-called “military ruler” in Cairo, Alexandria, Hilwan, Suez, elsewhere #jan25 2011-01-28T15:27:35Z
  80. gnoring curfew, proceeding w/protests key 2 forcing change & army’s hand else all lost Onward, Forward, Upward Guys: Mubarak must go #jan25 2011-01-28T15:32:32Z
  81. We’re told: “Military Ruler” euphemism to Mubarak. He should be delivering address soon #jan25 2011-01-28T15:33:22Z
  82. Police enters AlJaz offices, Arabic services shut down, English waiting its turn, as I write, correspondent waiting 4 police 2 come #jan25 2011-01-28T15:53:26Z
  83. More than 10 army vehicles enter Cairo center, protesters happy 4 some reason, perhaps expecting Tunisian scenario #jan25 2011-01-28T15:57:04Z
  84. No one obeying curfew in Suez, no police or army presence, not clear if situation in Alexandria is same #jan25 2011-01-28T15:58:12Z
  85. Simple Prediction, hope am wrong: Mubarak will dismiss cabinet promise reform, something cooked in league w/US, UK ppl shouldn’t stop #jan25 2011-01-28T16:00:53Z
  86. Some protesters say they will respect curfew, others not, most expect army to take their side and still want regime change #jan25 2011-01-28T16:12:17
  87. Reports about #Syria going offline seem false, am still in touch with ppl there via chat email twitter FB etc But we’ll keep checking #jan25 2011-01-28T16:13:28Z
  88. Army would lose respect, legitimacy if turns against ppl, unfrtuntly it’s likely course, protests should continue until Mubarak’s out #jan25 2011-01-28T16:21:18Z
  89. Egypt’s TV justification 4 curfew doesn’t augur well. It’s coup against ppl not 4 them. Protests should continue, curfew defied #jan25 2011-01-28T16:22:39Z
  90. Protests in #Egypt continue despite government shut down of Internet | I’m quoted here, though it’s dated by now #jan25 2011-01-28T16:34:07Z
  91. Anything less than Mubarak’s resignation, promise Gamal won’t run, constitutional changes 2 make NDP equal 2 other parties is defeat #jan25 2011-01-28T16:35:24Z
  92. Protests, clashes continue in Cairo despite curfew, so far Mubarak hasn’t spoken, delay odd, most likely speech still being written #jan25 2011-01-28T16:38:16Z
  93. Army vehicles are reaching Suez now, perhaps delays in delivering speech caused by wait 4 army to be present in all hotspots #jan25 2011-01-28T16:40:37Z
  94. ppl climb on top of army tanks in Suez, as army pushes forward, relationship between army, protesters remains complex #jan25 2011-01-28T16:45:21Z
  95. Will democratic movements in #Tunisia and #Egypt heed lessons of #Iran’s revolution? – #jan25 #sidibouzid 2011-01-28T16:55:20Z
  96. What time 2 go MIA. Pharaoh no where 2 be seen, hasn’t been heard frm, who’s in charge of Egypt now? Protesters? Army? Pharaoh? Fate? #jan25 2011-01-28T16:59:23Z
  97. Curfew being defied everywhere, protests w/clashes rubber bullets tear gas molotov cocktails ransacking official building ongoing #jan25 2011-01-28T17:05:52Z
  98. We knew Pharaoh was deaf & dumb, now he seems 2 have become mute as well #jan25 2011-01-28T17:06:56Z
  99. Clinton spoke be4 Mubarak, now we know what he was waiting 4. Clinton just tipped his hand against ppl by calling 4 reform not change #jan25 2011-01-28T17:11:37Z
  100. If I were Mubarak, I’d interpret Clinton’s statement as endorsement 2 do what I want. Thank u Madam Secretary. Now we know 2 expect #jan25 2011-01-28T17:13:39Z

101.Army arrives in Alexandria 2 impose curfew, but so far protests continues #jan25 2011-01-28T17:14:56Z

  1. U.S. on right side of history in Middle East again. Protests should continue #jan25 2011-01-28T17:18:10Z
  2. The longer the delays in delivering speech the greater the problems Mubarak is having in reaching agreement w/his generals, advisers #jan25 2011-01-28T17:38:51Z
  3. Back 2 Square 1: w/Mubarak opting 4 continued silence, army taking his side, confrontation now w/army. Protests must go on #jan25 2011-01-28T17:47:40Z
  4. Gunfire heard in #Suez, protesters insist on staying streets, not listening to army officers urgings them to go home #jan25 2011-01-28T17:54:25Z
  5. Many protesters confused, think army mounted coup, still want regime to fall: seeds for tomorrow’s rage against army #jan25 2011-01-28T17:55:44Z
  6. Major explosions heard near NDP headquarters in Cairo, fires touched trees nearby including trees near entrance of National Museum #jan25 2011-01-28T18:08:44Z
  7. #Egypt’s High-Powered D.C. Lobbying Ties | Must have been very busy, don’t seem willing 2 sever ties w/client #jan25 2011-01-28T18:10:13Z
  8. Hague supports ‘#Egyptian freedom’ | In manner of Clinton, so long as nothing really changes #jan25 2011-01-28T18:12:37Z

110.NDP headquarters in Fayoum Province ransacked, main streets closed. Still, Egypt is out-of-control at this stage, Pharaoh silent #jan25 2011-01-28T18:27:14Z

111. White House wobbles on Egyptian tightrope | Adopting policies that empower autocrats won’t make it popular #jan25 2011-01-28T18:46:05Z

112. Protesters control areas of Cairo center, curfew is meaningless, army and police has not been able to protect key buildings #jan25 2011-01-28T18:59:25Z

113. Egyptian TV says now curfew only in Suez, Alexandria, Greater Cairo adding 2 confusion. Curfew not been observed so far anywhere #jan25 2011-01-28T19:06:00Z

114. As we saw in #Tunisia criminals, oft w/official support, use confusion 2 loot, autocrats use looting 2 justify re-imposing authority #jan25 2011-01-28T19:24:05Z

115. Who will be scapegoated: Mubarak? PM? Some army generals? Entire Cabinet? Egyptian people, again? #jan25 2011-01-28T19:28:00Z

116. Is Mubarak still alive? Under house arrest? Are army generals arguing over succession? What sort of intrigue happening now in Egypt? #jan25 2011-01-28T19:32:04Z

117. Major Muslim TV preacher Amr Khaled heads for #Cairo | – #jan25 Another Messiah wannabe? 2011-01-28T19:40:01Z

118.Either Mubarak & family leave Egypt, or army commits massacres 2 keep them & restore order. No other alternatives exist #jan25 2011-01-28T19:43:59Z

119. Phenomenon of fast self-organizing “leaderless” revolutions as old as the state itself, still we always get surprised when it happens #jan25 2011-01-28T19:46:28Z

  1. Crowley, Clinton, Gibbs in succession send confusing message. Fine, don’t do us any favors, don’t wanna owe u, prefer own course #jan25 2011-01-28T20:23:46Z

121. Police state falls apart in less than 24 hours ’cause ppl decided 2 take stand: lesson 2 other Arabs. As 4 looting, we can rebuild #jan25 2011-01-28T20:33:15Z

122.Obama didn’t talk 2 Mubarak: fate sealed. Succession issue now. US shunning overt role in deciding but no aid if wrong decision made #jan25 2011-01-28T20:38:02Z

123.11 dead 150 injured in #Suez, blood donations needed at hospital #jan25 2011-01-28T20:41:47Z

124.Note from The Rebelling Youth of Egypt is being circulated in Cairo distancing protesters from ongoing looting #jan25 2011-01-28T20:58:08Z