Tweeting the Egyptian Revolution (1)

A selection of tweets related to the Egyptian Revolution, I have excluded most retweets as well as tweets in Arabic or tweets that simply link to articles and news reports. Most tweets reflect personal thoughts of information obtained from monitoring reports from the ground sent by in-country activists  and journalists.

  1. Let’s help support the Egyptian Revolution and make it a reality by adopting this hashtag #jan25 #sidibouzid #optunisia #algeria #jo #syria 2011-01-25T01:07:58Z
  2. @monaeltahawy @yslaise Counting the hours, minutes and seconds. Let’s kick the ass of that false pharaoh, and restore some dignity #jan25 2011-01-25T04:22:12Z
  3. Egypt’s frustrated young dream of revolution | They’re doing more than dreaming, they’re putting lives on line #jan25 2011-01-25T04:38:44Z
  4. Lebanese Egyptians will demonstrate anger tomorrow Business as usual Manipulation of popular will No longer acceptable: change afoot #jan25 2011-01-25T05:09:13Z
  5. Tunisia Did! Egypt Will! Yemen Will! Let’s make history #jan25 #sidibouzid 2011-01-25T06:55:46Z Continue reading “Tweeting the Egyptian Revolution (1)”

The Future of the Christian Communities in the Muslim World

One manifestation of the troubled state of current identity politics within Muslim communities is evident in the way some elements are targeting the region’s Christian communities. While Al-Qaeda style violence might the new development in this regard, the trend itself is not that new. Continue reading “The Future of the Christian Communities in the Muslim World”