Tweeting the Egyptian Revolution (1)

A selection of tweets related to the Egyptian Revolution, I have excluded most retweets as well as tweets in Arabic or tweets that simply link to articles and news reports. Most tweets reflect personal thoughts of information obtained from monitoring reports from the ground sent by in-country activists  and journalists.

  1. Let’s help support the Egyptian Revolution and make it a reality by adopting this hashtag #jan25 #sidibouzid #optunisia #algeria #jo #syria 2011-01-25T01:07:58Z
  2. @monaeltahawy @yslaise Counting the hours, minutes and seconds. Let’s kick the ass of that false pharaoh, and restore some dignity #jan25 2011-01-25T04:22:12Z
  3. Egypt’s frustrated young dream of revolution | They’re doing more than dreaming, they’re putting lives on line #jan25 2011-01-25T04:38:44Z
  4. Lebanese Egyptians will demonstrate anger tomorrow Business as usual Manipulation of popular will No longer acceptable: change afoot #jan25 2011-01-25T05:09:13Z
  5. Tunisia Did! Egypt Will! Yemen Will! Let’s make history #jan25 #sidibouzid 2011-01-25T06:55:46Z
  6. Is #Algeria next? For now, we want #Egypt to be next, but we’ll take Algeria tomorrow. #jan25 #sidibouzid #wikileaks 2011-01-25T07:06:24Z
  7. Middle East Protest: Setting Yourself on Fire – #sidibouzid #algeria #egypt #jan25 When fear disappears freedom comes 2011-01-25T07:23:29Z
  8. Hope mobile com lines in Egypt remain operational 2 send minute by minute updates, traditional phone lines good too #jan25 #sidibouzid 2011-01-25T07:39:40Z
  9. Corked Like An Egyptian | “Sniff the morning air along the Nile, There’s a faint whiff of jasmine #jan25 #egypt 2011-01-25T07:59:48Z
  10. Support #Jan25 Egypt Uprising, add a #twibbon now! – – Create one here – 2011-01-25T08:03:28Z
  11. Let’ keep on making history, from Tunisia, to Egypt, to Yemen, to Syria, let’s liberate our lands from corruption, fear, oppression #jan25 2011-01-25T08:44:37Z
  12. Traffic gives way to security forces on the streets of Cairo, and soon, they will give way to the Protesters, and the future #jan25 2011-01-25T08:51:14Z
  13. Cairo streets: History holds its breaths as the Children of Tomorrow prepare to take on the armies of the False Pharaoh #jan25 #egypt 2011-01-25T09:02:06Z
  14. Children of Tomorrow arm themselves w/cell-phones & banners. Armies of False Pharaoh bring on their tanks, clubs & guns #jan25 #sidibouzid 2011-01-25T09:11:47Z
  15. The battle is over before it begins, the living martyrs always win. Once fear is overcome all its empires come undone #jan25 #sidibouzid 2011-01-25T09:21:46Z
  16. The Pharaoh might still rule but the power always resides with the people & now they want it back. You won’t be missed False Pharaoh #jan25 2011-01-25T09:33:00Z
  17. Situation in #Egypt clearer than #Lebanon: Egyptians know who the Pharaoh is, in Lebanon there are dozens of them exchanging roles #jan25 2011-01-25T09:48:47Z
  18. Heated protests are taking place in the suburbs: No major surprise. ‘Tis revolution against marginalization #jan25 Sharqiyyah = #sidibouzid 2011-01-25T09:56:32Z
  19. Protests in rural areas, in Alexandria, in Cairo… Oh floodgates open, let the Children of Tomorrow through #jan25 #sidibouzid 2011-01-25T10:06:32Z
  20. State of the Union: Why the #MiddleEast Won’t Be Focus #sidibouzid #jan25 Of course! “They don’t really care about us” 2011-01-25T10:19:51Z
  21. Coup in Lebanon Revolution in Tunisia, Egypt Protests in Yemen, Algeria Libya. Region going through new birth: we live #jan25 #sidibouzid
  22. 2011-01-25T10:25:53Z
  23. The East, the East, the East on Fire, we don’t want no status quo, set the Pharaohs on Fire #jan25 #lebanon #sidibouzid #yemen #algeria 2011-01-25T10:42:32Z
  24. 20,000 reportedly on move in Old Cairo #jan25 2011-01-25T10:53:41Z
  25. The planned demonstration in front of the Arab League Headquarters in Cairo to take place at 2 pm. Be there! Onwards! #jan25 #egypt 2011-01-25T10:56:00Z
  26. Large wave of protesters moving from Al-Jalaa to Tahrir Square #jan25 2011-01-25T11:27:20Z
  27. Factoring all reports, there are about 50,000 people in Cairo streets at the moment spread out in different neighborhoods. Go, go go #jan25 2011-01-25T12:20:25Z
  28. As expected, Egyptian authorities blocked several news and sharing websites to prevent access to videos and photos #jan25 2011-01-25T12:38:39Z
  29. Thought world will be watching this time, w/all the advance warning, but Nooo! Who needs it anyway. Onward heroes, to liberation #jan25 2011-01-25T12:45:52Z
  30. This is not about making a point, but about making history. Protest 2 continue until Mubarak is in Jedda #jan25 #sidibouzid #egypt 2011-01-25T13:05:31Z
  31. Number of protesters in Cairo could be around 100,000 now, still spread out in different neighborhoods #jan25 #sidibouzid #egypt 2011-01-25T13:09:20Z
  32. Demonstrations in Cairo well organized, took police by surprise100,000 protesters confirmed clashing w/police in diffrnt neighbrhoods #jan25 2011-01-25T13:38:32Z
  33. Demonstrations not only in Cairo, thousands reported in other cities, with more pouring in. This is the beginning #jan25 #sidibouzid 2011-01-25T13:41:14Z
  34. Protesters clashing w/police, police reported using water hoses, arrests made, some protests contained, others raging out of control #jan25 2011-01-25T13:44:10Z
  35. #Sinai #Bedouins prepare for protest near al-Gora airport | #jan25 #sidibouzid #egypt 2011-01-25T13:58:08Z
  36. Children of Tomorrow won’t be intimidated by tanks, water guns, they won’t fear burning ‘Tis age of sacrifice This is how freedom won #jan25 2011-01-25T14:01:58Z
  37. Egyptian police had ample warning time yet still caught by surprise at size of turnout. This is only beginning. More surprises ahead #jan25 2011-01-25T14:13:38Z
  38. Now that you see with your own eyes your own strength, nothing should stop you. Don’t accept anything less than fall of dictator #jan25 2011-01-25T14:15:25Z
  39. Unconfirmed reports say that some policemen repeated call “Go Mubarak” with demonstrators, can anyone confirm? #jan25 #sidibouzid 2011-01-25T14:55:15Z
  40. Unconfirmed reports say Gamal Mubarak’s has left Egypt w/wife, daughter Source unreliable, need confirmation #jan25 2011-01-25T15:09:58Z
  41. Tunisians, Algerians, Libyans, Jordanians, Yemenis, Egyptians, all broke fear barrier. Rest of our people should learn 2 follow lead #jan25 2011-01-25T15:14:46Z
  42. Who’s afraid now Mubarak? Today 100,000 defy you, tomorrow a million and more. Do you think you can kill them all? Time to dégage 🙂 #jan25 2011-01-25T15:30:15Z
  43. Clashes between police & protesters in front of parliament building, twitter services down for most, reports keep pouring nonetheless #jan25 2011-01-25T16:04:14Z
  44. Reports of live fire use by police, needs confirmation #jan25 2011-01-25T16:18:46Z
  45. Reports of thousands of protesters taking over headquarters of national party in Mahallah, needs confirmation #jan25 2011-01-25T16:20:54Z
  46. This was round 1 an it’s not over yet. Round 2 coming with a million in the streets, it’s a fight to the fall of Mubarak #jan25 #sidibouzid 2011-01-25T16:34:58Z
  47. Targets: parliament, presidential palace, party headquarters, TV stations. It can be done. It should be done. It will be done #jan25 2011-01-25T17:30:29Z
  48. With 3 people dead, dozens wounded, ppl shouting Down w/Mubarak, Clinton decides 2 defend his regime! On wrong side of history again #jan25 2011-01-25T21:37:54Z
  49. Change in region organized by young activists, not regular political opposition: 1st #Tunisia, now #Egypt, more 2 come #jan25 #sidibouzid 2011-01-25T21:44:16Z
  50. Seeing Alarabiya, Aljazeerah shy coverage of Egyptian Revolt, have 2 but wonder re about instructions they received from backers #jan25 2011-01-25T22:10:27Z
  51. What difference day makes: Al-Jazeerah frm hero 2 villain in span of 24 hours, can it repair shattered credibility? Tomorrow not far #jan25 2011-01-25T22:25:02Z
  52. It’s time for Obama to say Kefaya! – #jan25 We’ll say it to him & to Mubarak. Stand on sidelines and let’s be free! 2011-01-25T22:31:01Z
  53. Best service Obama Administration & EU can render 2 cause of freedom is 2 stop support 4 ailing regimes #jan25 Don’t speak a la Clinton! 2011-01-25T22:36:15Z
  54. 20,000 young fearless Egyptians on all-night sit-in in Tahrir Square for the cause of freedom. Least we can do is tell the world #jan25 2011-01-25T22:38:57Z
  55. Clashes continue in Tahrir, police using tear gas, protesters chanting Mubarak Saudi Awaits You. Let dominoes fall where they may #jan25 2011-01-25T22:45:22Z
  56. Stable today, Gone tomorrow. Will you never learn. Stability is a sham and a farce when there is no freedom #jan25 #sidibouzid #egypt 2011-01-25T22:48:10Z
  57. They’re trying to liberate a square, we’re trying to liberate a future. Who’s better motivated? The Revolution goes on #jan25 #sidibouzid 2011-01-25T22:50:34Z
  58. Protest Like An Egyptian: #Cairo Students FIGHT To Kick Out The President (PHOTOS) And kick him out they will #jan25 2011-01-25T22:51:21Z
  59. Protesters cleared from Tahrir Square, possible they might reconvene elsewhere #jan25 2011-01-25T23:01:57Z
  60. #Egypt Takes to the Streets But Will It Shake Mubarak? all thrones built on fear will be shaken #jan25 #sidibouzid 2011-01-25T23:03:15Z
  61. Censorship/Filtering/Tear Gas/Water Cannons/Wooden Clubs/Rubber Bullets vs. desire 4 freedom. We will overcome. Tomorrow new round #jan25 2011-01-5T23:13:10Z
  62. Thousands of Protesters cleared from Tahrir Square march in Cairo Center chanting anti-Mubarak slogans. Egyptian Intifadah continues #jan25 2011-01-25T23:25:43Z
  63. Mostafa Al-Naggar, coordinator of elBaradei presidential campaign arrested #jan25 #egypt 2011-01-25T23:34:22Z
  64. Reports say police cleared Tahrir Square 2 avoid continuation of intifada tomorrow. Intifada will continue nonetheless #jan25 #egypt 2011-01-25T23:36:23Z
  65. U.S. attitude re Tunisian Intifada, now Egyptian one, makes it clear it’s part of problem in region not solution #jan25 #sidibouzid #egypt 2011-01-25T23:53:34Z