Tweeting the Egyptian Revolution (2)

A selection of tweets related to the Egyptian Revolution, I have excluded most retweets as well as tweets in Arabic or tweets that simply link to articles and news reports. Most tweets reflect personal thoughts of information obtained from monitoring reports from the ground sent by in-country activists and journalists.

Some of the tweets below (4-6) reflect an early enthusiasm and hope that we might be able to tame not only the regime but the Islamists as well. In retrospect, that was naïve. But the early days were indeed dominated by more secular and pragmatic forces. The Islamist takeover of the Revolution in Egypt (and Tunisia) happened mostly on account of their relative cohesion and superior organization skills, not their larger numbers.

  1. Thousands of protesters marching in different Cairo neighborhoods, chanting anti-Mubarak slogans. Oh, Go On Until Dawn of New Day! #jan25 2011-01-26T00:06:12Z
  2. Thousands of protesters shut down Boulaq Bridge and adjoining streets #jan25 2011-01-26T00:34:47Z
  3. Thousands of protesters shut down Boulaq Bridge and adjoining streets #jan25 2011-01-26T00:34:47Z
  4. For those nursed on Mubarak’s lies that Muslim Brotherhood commands street, 2day was wakeup call: diverse crowd no MB around #jan25 #egypt 2011-01-26T02:10:57Z
  5. #BenAli down No Islamists around. Mubarak teetering No Islamists slithering. Know what? Take yr Islamist ghoul & shove it #jan25 #sidibouzid 2011-01-26T02:13:58Z
  6. Pundit my pundit where’s yr anti-Islamist screed? 24 hrs gone, the battle nearly won & no Islamist sightings yet? U must be peeved #jan25 2011-01-26T02:21:10Z
  7. Here we go again upsetting U.S. best laid out plans for us, when will we behave? #jan25 #sidibouzid #lebanon #syria 2011-01-26T03:03:38Z
  8. Obama: The US stands w/people of Tunisia & supports democratic aspiration of all people #jan25 #sidibouzid #sotu 2011-01-26T03:05:36Z
  9. When Obama says that he supports democratic aspirations of all people, that must be indirect reference to Egypt’s Revolution #jan25 #sotu 2011-01-26T03:07:43Z
  10. Obama says US supports Tunisians’ drive for democracy and supports push for freedom everywhere #sidibouzid #jan25 2011-01-26T03:11:59Z
  11. Hack the night. Download the stars. Upload hope & a few prayers. Don’t filter anything. Let freedom come in torrential bits & Like us #jan25 2011-01-26T04:33:15Z
  12. It starts at 9 am everywhere + general strike so more ppl go out. They think this is passing fad, but they are the ones who will pass #jan25 2011-01-26T04:54:05Z
  13. Three martyrs fell already: 2 protesters & policeman. 100s were wounded. 4 their sake, don’t give up. Take it to the end. It’s time #jan25 2011-01-26T04:56:58Z
  14. Many world “leaders” seem to be still betting on Mubarak and corrupt elite, it’s time the House/Establishment lost its bet #jan25 2011-01-26T04:59:41Z
  15. If protests don’t continue, momentum will be lost, we need you out on the streets again today, o brave guardians of #Egypt #jan25 2011-01-26T07:43:51Z
  16. Egyptian spokesman: Demonstrations are nothing noteworthy Let’s make him eat his words, and a few wet turds #jan25 2011-01-26T07:59:07Z
  17. Wipe the sweat off your brow. Wipe the smile off Mubarak’s face. He’s nothing but a disgrace. You are the promise. Onward Rebels! #jan25 2011-01-26T08:00:40Z
  18. 2 heroes died yesterday fighting 4 freedom. Make their sacrifice worth something. Don’t allow dream 2 die. Onwards, down w/Mubarak! #jan25 2011-01-26T08:15:27Z
  19. To Tahrir at noon! Onward! Down With Mubarak! #jan25 2011-01-26T08:18:08Z
  20. #France urges ‘more democracy’ in #Egypt | #jan25 How nice of Sarko, really! Must be high on something though.. 2011-01-26T08:23:51Z
  21. Behind the silence, gathers a storm! And upon the deep, a smoldering angst, growing, gnawing, yearning to burst out! #jan25 2011-01-26T08:37:33Z
  22. Numbers don’t matter, fact protesters back in street clashing w/police do. Momentum not lost. These are Mubarak’s last days #jan25 #egypt 2011-01-26T13:48:47Z
  23. 1 more martyr, Twitter, Facebook blocked. Those w/email lists, send proxy links by email #jan25 2011-01-26T13:55:34Z
  24. Only retweet links from trusted sources, @waelabbas warns against fake websites collecting passwords, remember: it’s war #jan25 2011-01-26T13:57:37Z
  25. Protests, clashes in Cairo, Alexandria, elsewhere, use of live ammo reported not confirmed. Confirmed: water cannons, rubber bullets #jan25 2011-01-26T14:00:01Z
  26. Doesn’t matters where Gamal & Family are for now, what matters is where protesters are: in streets of #egypt fighting the good fight #jan25 2011-01-26T14:05:34Z
  27. Protesters disperse in 1 place, move 2 another and start again. No one’s giving up. No one will, except regime thugs #jan25 2011-01-26T14:13:03Z
  28. Egyptian Authorities refuse 2 release bodies of martyrs 2 family members 4 fear their funerals would become focus of more protests #jan25 2011-01-26T14:15:52Z
  29. Many protesters arrested in police stations not receiving medical treatment they need #jan25 2011-01-26T14:23:08Z
  30. #Egypt protesters filter back to the streets despite government warning I guess they don’t recognize Government #jan25 2011-01-26T14:46:20Z
  31. Al-Jazeerah reports “Uneasy calm prevails in Egypt” Except of course in places where clashes are taking place #jan25 2011-01-26T14:48:19Z
  32. Don’t give up the streets. Don’t be intimidated. If you’re forced out of 1 spot, gather in another, keep up the fight 2 the sweet end #jan25 2011-01-26T15:01:07Z
  33. Major protests in Mansourah City between Al-Gamaa and Al-Mashaya #jan25H 2011-01-26T15:07:13Z
  34. The heavier the crackdown, the weaker the regime. More threats denote greater fears. Onward! Take down those bastards! #jan25 2011-01-26T15:12:51Z
  35. #Egypt Cracks Down As Antigovernment Protests Continue | Popular Crackdown Against Ailing Ruling Regime Continues #jan25 2011-01-26T15:19:41Z
  36. Political Strife Roils #Egypt’s Markets – | It Also Boils Leader’s Blood As He Coils Up In Despair #jan25 2011-01-26T15:22:48Z
  37. 8,000 protesters currently demonstrating in Sulaiman Al-Halabi Street in Central Cairo. The more the merrier. They won’t mind! #jan25 2011-01-26T15:28:18Z
  38. What You Need To Know About President Hosni Mubarak | The most important thing 2 know: he’s on his way out #jan25 2011-01-26T15:52:01Z
  39. Old Mubarak thought he had a farm. And on this farm he thought he had some sheep. Until the “sheep” chose to bear their teeth #jan25 2011-01-26T16:12:27Z
  40. #Egypt is not #Tunisia – #Israel Opinion Ynetnews Of course Israelis apprehensive but can’t wish revolution away #jan25 2011-01-26T16:31:32Z
  41. More #Egypt protests planned, but little vision for future #jan25 #opegypt Not 2 worry, our heroes are learning fast. 2011-01-26T16:48:50Z
  42. Clashes in Suez saw use of live ammunitions by police vs. molotov cocktails by protesters. It’s indeed the #sidibouzid of Egypt #jan25 2011-01-26T18:06:37Z
  43. Suez on Fire: police station, cars burning. Protesters stormed morgue 2 retrieve bodies of those felled earlier. Army standing by #jan25 2011-01-26T18:20:28Z
  44. Reports from Areesh, Mahalla that protesters stormed local police stations. Need confirmation #jan25 2011-01-26T18:21:44Z
  45. Dear deposed Arab leader, on yr way out please leave behind gold in bank art in museums kitchen sink. But don’t 4get 2 take the kids #jan25 2011-01-26T18:40:57Z
  46. Confirmed: army in streets in Suez, but standing by, not taking part in action, over 30 protesters with serious injuries #jan25 2011-01-26T18:42:12Z
  47. #Suez: police pulls out of city leaving it under control of protesters as measure to calm situation. Army still in “neutral” gear #jan25 2011-01-26T18:50:28Z
  48. #Tunisia #Egypt #Arabs need bold US support 4 democracy not mixed messages We’re not holding breaths #jan25 #sidibouzid 2011-01-26T18:52:42Z
  49. #Suez: Clashes resume, Kafar Kamel neighborhood in flames, women out throwing pots and pans on police, according 2 @gamaleid #jan25 2011-01-26T19:07:05Z
  50. 1,000 protesters in Abdelkhaleq Street in Cairo chanting “Where are the Egyptian people” as passersby join them. According 2 @manal #jan25 2011-01-26T19:13:58Z
  51. Egyptian regime propagandists on BBC Radio trying 2 belittle protests tying them 2 “small” specific issues not general discontent #jan25 2011-01-26T19:27:21Z
  52. Cairo: thousands of protesters still demonstrating in different neighborhoods, occasional clashes with police reported #jan25 #egypt 2011-01-26T19:52:41Z
  53. Protester carries injured policeman 2 safety after latter abandoned by colleagues. This is who’s making it happen #jan25 2011-01-26T19:57:11Z
  54. Young Syrian activists in Egypt taking part in protests. Syrians will support their fellow Arabs and Kurds in streets & on the web #jan25 2011-01-26T20:29:22Z
  55. Protesters imprisoned by authorities are hostages. Fight will go on until all freed. Every injury arrest martyr adds more fuel 2 fire #jan25 2011-01-26T20:34:46Z
  56. Someone asked: why not talk w/authorities? Because we don’t negotiate w/terrorists. Protest only way 2 deal w/those who rule by fear #jan25 2011-01-26T20:39:46Z
  57. After Clinton urgings: Twitter, other blocked sites, back. Well, if they can accept Clinton’s dictates, they can accept ours. Get out #jan25 2011-01-26T20:49:04Z
  58. Situation seem 2 be out of control in Suez, reports speak of live amo, police brutality. On-ground media coverage needed 2 confirm #jan25 2011-01-26T20:51:36Z
  59. Policemen tell protesters in Cairo “We haven’t slept since last night.” That’s the plan morons. No sleep until Mubarak out #jan25 2011-01-26T21:20:48Z
  60. There’s element of disbelief on part of policemen, officials, experts, can’t believe this is the end, all think it can be contained #jan25 2011-01-26T21:23:01Z
  61. It’s not about certain grievances that need to be addressed, it’s about loss of confidence in regime, wanting complete overhaul #jan25 2011-01-26T21:33:27Z
  62. Warily Eyeing #Egypt, Israelis Feel Like Spectators Sometimes, it’s better 2 “spectate” than participate #jan25 2011-01-26T23:01:51Z
  63. Suez Cairo Mahallah Alexandria: liberation of Egypt from fear&oppression continues. Long Live Egypt’s youth, Down w/Mubarak&henchmen #jan25 2011-01-26T23:07:27Z
  64. #Suez now cut off from outside world: no journalists allowed, no communications. Mobile network & Internet down. Need 2 liberate Suez #jan25 2011-01-26T23:15:32Z
  65. #Suez is officially under occupation now. it’s not #sidibouzid, it’s #gaza waiting for liberation #jan25 #egypt #freesuez 2011-01-26T23:27:59Z
  66. If tomorrow we wake up, hear of massacre in Suez, that won’t intimidate but stimulate protesters, ’cause fear been replaced by anger #jan25 2011-01-26T23:30:56Z