Tweeting the Egyptian Revolution (3)

A selection of tweets related to the Egyptian Revolution, I have excluded most retweets as well as tweets in Arabic or tweets that simply link to articles and news reports. Most tweets reflect personal thoughts of information obtained from monitoring reports from the ground sent by in-country activists and journalists.

  1. Egypt’s Protests Turn Ugly as the Regime Changes Tactics By trying 2 corner protesters they cornered themselves #jan25 2011-01-27T00:03:48Z
  2. Protests still taking place in #Cairo, reports now protesters succeed in breaking through gate of Foreign Ministry #jan25 2011-01-27T00:16:20Z
  3. #Suez: reports indicate that funeral processions of martyrs will take place tomorrow after noon prayers. Expect heavy police presence #jan25 2011-01-27T00:18:34Z
  4. #Egypt: Rage against the Mubaraks | Rage on against the dying of the light, only thing Mubaraks ever delivered #jan25 2011-01-27T00:26:02Z
  5. Will US support call for reform in Egypt? Whether they do or don’t, end of Mubarak looming. It’s change we want #jan25 2011-01-27T00:29:41Z
  6. Mockline: ME Continues 2 Witness Popular Crackdowns Against Ailing Regimes By Hordes of Unarmed Protesters Bent On Freedom, Justice #jan25 2011-01-27T00:56:50Z
  7. DAVOS: Arab officials say reform only answer 2 unrest Reform start with u shoving off. Get it? Good #jan25 #sidibouzid 2011-01-27T02:28:52Z
  8. Pentagon monitors situation in #Egypt, #Tunisia, #Lebanon Hey guys, we’re being monitored. Do u feel the luuuv? #jan25 2011-01-27T02:40:40Z
  9. Mubarak’s silence not an exercise in stoic clam, but reflection of confusion, disbelief & panic. The Pharaoh will go with a whimper #jan25 2011-01-27T02:54:11Z
  10. Bloody and bruised: the journalist caught in #Egypt unrest | Thank u honest dedicated journalists Stay the course #jan25 2011-01-27T03:04:08Z
  11. A New Arab Street? Guys, apparently we have new street. Hope you’re enjoying new malls. Heard shopping 2 die 4 #jan25 2011-01-27T03:31:36Z
  12. Mubarak it’s yr intervention. U’ve been addicted 2 power 4 so long it’s time u went in2 rehab. We’re kicking u out as act of kindness #jan25 2011-01-27T04:06:34Z
  13. Obama Poised to Intensify U.S. Criticism of Egypt’s Mubarak | – U.S. preparing to ditch key ally is major news #jan25 2011-01-27T07:40:13Z
  14. #ElBaradei returns to #Egypt calling for democracy | What matters what young activists doing in streets #jan25 #egypt 2011-01-27T07:51:04Z
  15. Hague urges #Egypt to reform | More allies critical. This time no one wants to be caught off-guard #jan25 #egypt 2011-01-27T07:55:01Z
  16. Egyptians Hope for Another #Tunisia | To be more accurate, they’re risking life & limb to fulfill it #jan25 #sidibouzid 2011-01-27T08:06:33Z
  17. Dear Deposed Arab Leader, on yr way out please leave behind gold in bank, art in museums, kitchen sink. But don’t 4get wives/children #jan25 2011-01-27T08:28:21Z
  18. Roiled By Loud Protests Egypt’s Octogenarian Pharaoh Mulls Leaving Sitting Room Couch Moving 2 Bedroom Sofa By Way of Marble Bathroom #jan25 2011-01-27T08:47:05Z
  19. #Suez still under curfew. Trade Minister not in Davos. Bourse shut down. ElBaradei back. Obama shifts support. Yeah it’s not #Tunisia #jan25 2011-01-27T08:59:45Z
  20. Dictators in the Mist. You Shall Not Be Missed #jan25 #salihout #sidibouzid 2011-01-27T09:37:30Z
  21. Doctors Report Egyptian Pharaoh’s Silence Due To Sudden Befuddlement Of Brain On Account Of Unexpected Outbreak Of Sheer Terror #jan25 2011-01-27T09:57:16Z
  22. #ElBaradei Set to Join #Egypt Protests | #jan25 Friday will be decisive 4 Pharaoh 4 Egypt 4 region 4 world #egypt 2011-01-27T10:46:52Z
  23. Drained After 2 Days of Active Silence Pharaoh Mulls Possibility Of Opening Lips Letting Out Words But Fears Soul Might Leave Body #jan25 2011-01-27T11:02:38Z
  24. Mubarak in Sharm Al-Shaikh. Gamal in London. Police arresting “ring-leaders” of leaderless revolution. Bourse stutters. Shove needed #jan25 2011-01-27T11:07:07Z
  25. With Pharaoh maintaining silence in face of vociferous yet leaderless revolt, 1 collective Huff&Puff tomorrow will bring down house #jan25 2011-01-27T11:11:29Z
  26. Report Gamal in Cairo 2 speak soon. If true, succession has happened, we’re already dealing w/Mubarak II, Revolt would continue #jan25 2011-01-27T11:16:20Z
  27. Egypt’s Pharaoh Mulls Exodus, Decides Against It Remembering Fate Of Last Pharaoh To Undertake Exodus #jan25 2011-01-27T11:33:35Z
  28. Actors/Comedians Adel Imam, Muhammad Subhi speak against protests, praise Mubarak. They’ve stopped being funny since 70s #jan25 2011-01-27T11:45:49Z
  29. Ignore assertions from different quarters saying nothing will change, protesters will decide that on streets. Everything is changing #jan25 2011-01-27T12:40:39Z
  30. We’re making change as we speak, live, breath & more importantly protest. Ancien Regime effectively dead, struggle is now 4 future #jan25 2011-01-27T12:42:24Z
  31. People asserting nothing will change most worried, they have major stake in status quo & 0 interest in real change. Wise up. Beware. #jan25 2011-01-27T12:45:10Z
  32. #Suez: mostly calm except 4 Arbeen ‘hood. Clashes continue, tear gassing even in mosques. Women, minors arrested. Live amo used #jan25 2011-01-27T13:10:20Z
  33. Syrian activists called 4 gathering near parliament in Damascus Feb 5 to protest poor living conditions #syria #freetal #jan25 #sidibouzid 2011-01-27T13:35:35Z
  34. Press Conf reveals regime that lost complete touch reality. They think they’re still in control. This fucking house of card must fall #jan25 2011-01-27T14:53:39Z
  35. Reform needed across #Arab region to counter anger: Davos Next: IMF, WB recommend bullshit that make things worse #jan25 2011-01-27T14:55:42Z
  36. Egypt’s Pharaoh Mulls Exodus, Decides Against It Remembering Fate Of Pharaoh Of Original Exodus #jan25 2011-01-27T15:02:24Z
  37. Egypt’s Pharaoh Re-Mulls Exodus Decides To Embark On It Remembering Fate Of Last Pharaoh Who Demurred #jan25 2011-01-27T15:03:36Z
  38. Egypt’s Pharaoh Literally Loses Head Having Spent Too Much Time Mulling, No Time Exiting #jan25 2011-01-27T15:04:24Z
  39. Doctors Report Egyptian Pharaoh’s Silence Due To Sudden Befuddlement Of Brain On Account Of Unexpected Outbreak Of Ideas #jan25 2011-01-27T15:05:24Z
  40. The Mubarak Syndrome: A Sudden Outbreak of Silence At Times Of Political Upheaval Caused By Massive Rush Of Bullshit To The Brain #jan25 2011-01-27T15:16:08Z
  41. Black smoke hovers over #Suez from fires in ‘Arba’een Neighborhood, now completely destroyed. Fire trucks seen in vicinity #jan25 2011-01-27T15:18:36Z
  42. Activists in Cairo’s Haram district knock on doors, explain rationale 4 revolt 2 ppl, encourage them 2 take part in tmrrw’s protests #jan25 2011-01-27T20:41:29Z
  43. Choose few in key areas 2 stay home tomorrow, give phone #s 2 ppl u trust outside 2 give updates by phone in case no internet, mobile #jan25 2011-01-27T20:59:56Z
  44. Mubarak’s Regime planning 2 hang on 2 last moment, if planned protests go as hoped not only top politicians but top general have 2 go #jan25 2011-01-27T23:09:59Z
  45. Important thing is not 2 be afraid. We got this far, we have to take it all way, politicians, armies be damned. Freedom’s beckoning #jan25 2011-01-27T23:16:33Z
  46. They want us 2 be afraid. They want us 2 remain their slaves. They wan’t 2 remain pharaohs forever. Hard luck I say! We’re not slaves #jan25 2011-01-27T23:26:13Z
  47. Wherever u r in free world, call yr foreign ministry, demand they warn Mubaraks’ regime against military crackdown #jan25 2011-01-27T23:28:27Z
  48. If Mubarak opts 4 Ceausescu Option, so be it. Brave stand by Egyptians tomorrow will cause many in army 2 reexamine priorities #jan25 2011-01-27T23:38:09Z
  49. Mubarak & clique will show world tomorrow they are murderers, thugs, thieves. Egyptians plan to show they are brave, proud & free #jan25 2011-01-27T23:50:57Z