Free Breech!

Long ago, I learned that “the mere tendency of speech to encourage unlawful acts is not a sufficient reason for banning it” (Ashcroft vs. Free Speech Coalition). But, many incidents over the last decade or so have made me wonder: what if someone is intentionally trying to solicit a violent response to serve a particular political agenda that has nothing to do with freedom? Continue reading “Free Breech!”

An Interview with Turkish TV Channel

The transcript can be found at this link (Google Translations can give a good idea of the gist). The video is below. The interview was conducted during my three-weeks trip to Turkey in August but was aired only on September 18.

Ammar Abdulhamid röportajı by imctv

Rebels Despair That Anti-American Protests Overshadow Syrian Struggle

A mention in the Daily Beast:

“To Assad, the rallies spurred by the Islam-bashing film were heaven-sent: they have given credence to his claims that the Arab Spring is at heart an Islamist spring and that al Qaeda and its affiliates will be empowered as a result,” says Ammar Abdulhamid, a Syrian activist based in America. “Meanwhile, the rallies have also distracted international attention from the current mayhem unfolding in Syria, and they might give pause to any calls for intervention.”

فيسبوك: 18 أيلول، 2012

– الحرية التي لا تجلب العدالة ظلم، فالحرية عدالة والظلم استعباد.

– عذراً أيها الإنسان، لقد أضعناك في معمعة الرموز. عذراً أيها الرمز، لقد جرّدناك من كل معنى. عذراً يالله، لقد جعلنا منك صنماً. فشل كل أنبياء التوحيد ورسله، فالبشر ما انفكّوا يعبدون الأصنام.