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President Obama should actually accept the Russian proposal calling for putting Assad’s chemical stockpiles under international monitoring as a prelude to disposing of them. The proposal has already been endorsed by the Assad regime. But it should be up to the Obama Administration to provide a plan and timetable regarding the specific steps that need to be taken in this regard. This should include the following points:

The administration would stop seeking Congressional approval for strikes

Since the administration cannot send inspectors to an active war zone, the Assad regime should unilaterally declare a ceasefire and stop all on ground hostilities. Troops should return to barracks and aerial bombing campaigns should stop.

Inspectors will then be sent to Syria and should given complete access to all sites.

Preparation for Geneva 2 should proceed in parallel to inspection and dismantling activities. The invitation to Geneva 2 must include a stipulation for the immediate departure of Assad and his top cronies as a necessary precondition.

Any stalling or infringements by the regime should result in limited punitive strikes without returning to Congress under the existing presidential privilege.

Assad should be given 48 hours to accept the plan or face the consequences under the executive privilege.