Zakaria: The Saudis Are Mad? Tough!

Zakaria: The Saudis Are Mad? Tough! – TIME.

Every criticism of Saudi foreign policy that Zakaria makes in this piece is correct, but there are few convenient lies of omission all of which pertain to America being a main partner, enabler and a beneficiary of Saudi Wahhabi adventurism. So, basically Zakaria is simply airing some dirty laundry in what promises to be a messy divorce. But to say that there will no strategic implications to this divorce is to ignore the very facts Zakaria marshaled in order to justify it, namely that Saudi, like Iran, America’s new paramour, sponsors global terror networks, and history tells us that she tends to be quite vindictive. Now, and as it courts another Middle Eastern vixen, the US may only see the negative side of Saudi terror, as it hopes to benefit from the Iranian one. Some would say this is good for the US, and is indeed the stuff of real-politick. But the times, they are a-changing, and when this thing backfires, as it always does, I doubt the aftermath will be as containable as the Brat Pack of America’s New Isolationism seem to think.