The Weapons Behind the Ghouta Attack

The Weapons Behind the Ghouta Attack: The New Yorker.

Whether it’s the massacres in Houla, Darya, Bayda, or the chemical weapons attack in Ghoutah, the evidence is overwhelming and the perpetrator known: the Assad regime and its militias. Yet, no one did anything, and world leaders keep speaking of a political solution, as though someone who commits such crimes can be induced to embrace politics, or have not gone beyond the pale. These crimes against humanity are enabled by the crimes perpetrated by world leaders against our sanity and decency. Knowing the truth makes little difference in a world intent on ignoring its responsibility towards it. So a genocide unfolds again, and people rush to bury their heads in the sand, again. Its timing was inconvenient, we are told. O Lord, when we will you grant us criminals who are more considerate? I am sure this is the essence of Obama’s nighttime prayers.