Ahmad Jarba: A Moment of Truth Looms for Syria

Ahmad Jarba: A Moment of Truth Looms for Syria – WSJ.com.

Jarba makes one lame point after another, and misses the chance to frame the debate in a manner that reminds people, not shyly but starkly, of what the Assads regime has been doing for close to three years now: perpetrating genocide and in the process encouraging the emergence of terrorist networks and threatening the stability of the region. He should have also reminded leaders of the international community, especially the U.S., Russia and Iran, of their negative impact on this process due to their passivity and/or duplicity.  He should have been shaming and blaming even as he shows willingness to attend Geneva 2. Russians must love Jarba. He’s been “reasonable” and the negotiations haven’t even started. Who’s his media adviser? Whoever he is, he should be fired.