Saving Syria or Saving Face?

There is no idea or notion at this stage that is more fanciful than the belief that the US and Russia are actually cooperating on Syria, other than the belief that the Americans, the Russians, the Iranians, are engaged in secret talks to help “save Syria.” Saving Syria or helping the people of Syria is not something anyone is interested in at this stage, and has probably never been a factor in anyone’s calculations otherwise all would have behaved differently many months ago. If this lot is talking about anything at this stage, it’s about face-saving solutions for each, especially the Obama Administration, as well as finding ways to combat Al-Qaeda, the entity that keeps popping up as a result of their collective fuckups.

As for the Obama Administration, and while its members might indeed believe that the Russians are cooperating with them on Syria, a belief which puts them squarely on par with those who believe in faeries, what they have actually accomplished is nothing less than capitulation in favor of the Russians and their regional allies, the Iranians.  The result is a humanitarian disaster, and a continuing genocide.

Moreover, by rewarding Assad for using chemical weapons against his own people, a “very dangerous precedent” was indeed set, one that will come back to haunt all.