Syria conflict threatens to tear Azerbaijan apart

Syria conflict threatens to tear Azerbaijan apart | Washington Times Communities.

But of course. Add to this reports that Armenian authorities are settling Armenian immigrants who escaped from the chaos in Syria in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region and the picture will become even more complicated, and the prognosis more ominous. At the beginning of the revolution when I warned this conflict will have spillovers beyond the region and that the impact will be global, I was dismissed as naive. But I was neither naïve, nor that intelligent really. I simply refused not to see the obvious. The sectarian overtones were just too strong, carnage too bloody and the region too central to the thinking of so many Muslim peoples across the world for this not to have a larger impact. The situation in Pakistan and parts of India, as well as parts of Southeast Asia and a number of African countries will be affected in due course of time. And soon, even areas where there are no Muslims will begin to boil as a result of Western inaction on this. I hate being a prophet of doom, but I hate its agents more, some of whom are world leaders.

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