Ignore the conspiracy theories: Assad was behind the Syrian chemical weapons attack

Ignore the conspiracy theories: Assad was behind the Syrian chemical weapons attack – Telegraph Blogs.

While the world currently focuses on Al-Qaeda’s rise in Syria and the growing role of Islamist rebels and foreign Jihadists and the assortment of war crimes they are committing, the fictitious and the real, we should not lose sight of certain well-established facts, facts that remain indisputable to those with sound minds and souls, namely: that the Assad regime and its sectarian militias (Syrian, Lebanese, Iraqi and Afghan), now assisted by foreign mercenaries from Russia and Greece (that we know of), are the major perpetrators of atrocities in Syria, in fact, they are the purveyors of genocide. And that chemical attack in Ghoutah that left close to 1,500 dead, it’s has their fingerprints all over it, so stop believing lies.

For the other indisputable fact out there, is that we have allowed Assad and his apologists too free a reign and too many opportunities to perpetrate their lies. And the third indisputable fact that we should always be mindful of: it’s international indifference, hypocrisy and moral cowardice that enabled this mayhem and allowed for this genocide to take place.

How inconvenient have these facts become, I wonder, now that the Obama Administration and Western governments chose to enter into a new business relationship with Assad over the his stockpiles of chemical weapons,  and perhaps a new intelligence arrangements for tracking Al-Qaeda network?