The President

I wrote this back in October 24, 2010, and forgot about it.

He has the kind of neck that would look absolutely ravishing on a guillotine, and sports a wife that would make Marie Antoinette look Thacherite in wit and demeanor, a wife who obviously cares for the mentally handicapped which must be why she married one. But while she might like his ugly and his disease, she is not exactly a free bitch baby. In fact, she has the kind of taste that could bring dynasties to tragic ends, which makes her rather useful in the present circumstances I guess. One look at her and you know that while the Devil might indeed wear Prada, he still prefers to ride Asma.

What can I say about my president that hasn’t been said before? He is smart, handsome, honest and trustworthy, I guess.

There is something about him that is absolutely giraffesque. A psychic once said that he had a saddamite aura, but I disagree, his particular tastes reveal him to be more a pedophile than a homosexual. As an Ass-Ad, animal rights activists might want to use him to bring attention to the plight of the zebras, had he not had such a strong appetite for them, the activists I mean. What’s in the name? Oh yes: absolutely nothing, which is exactly what’s in his head most of the time, which is why he won’t miss it much should he lose it, which brings back to the little issue of the guillotine: wouldn’t it be nice if we all pitched in together to make him a present of one, shall we say in the very near future.