Mohamad Chatah killing targets potential Lebanon PM

BBC News – Mohamad Chatah killing targets potential Lebanon PM.

Many have forgotten about the assassination of former Lebanese PM, Rafic Al-Hariri, and the culpability of the Assad regime in the matter, so perhaps a reminder was in order. The regime’s isolation at the time lasted for a total of three years, after which, Assad was rehabilitated and was once again considered to be a reformer, a modernizer and an indispensable figure for the stability of the region! Now, and despite the ongoing genocide Assad is championing and the destabilizing effect that this is having on the region as a whole, there are those like Ryan Crocker, among many others in the Obama Administration and its friendly circles, who would argue for rehabilitating Assad again. Will they never learn? Hasn’t the regime been rehabilitated enough already? And hadn’t it used very opportunity it was given to commit more mayhem?

This regime has survived for more than 5 decades due to the unwillingness to the international regime to hold it accountable for its atrocities, which have included cracking down on descent, supporting terrorism and showing a special proclivity for indulgence in mass murder both inside and outside the country, especially in Lebanon. There is a proven track record of failure when it comes to trying to rehabilitate the Assad regime, isn’t it about time we gave up on it, and seriously engaged in establishing an alternative? Isn’t the responsibility of the Assad regime for the making of the worst humanitarian disaster of the 21st Century enough to clench the argument for the necessity of its removal? Where is the world willing to draw the line when it comes to the behavior of certain regimes, be it on the home front, or outside their borders? What new role should the U.S. play in this matter considering the current attitude of the American Administration and the American people in general? Can the world in general, and the West and the United States in particular, really afford to turn her back on such crimes? Shouldn’t these questions be debated more openly? Isn’t it about time we did so?