Evidence of ‘industrial-scale killing’ by Syria spurs call for war crimes charges

Evidence of ‘industrial-scale killing’ by Syria spurs call for war crimes charges | World news | The Guardian.

Yes, it’s genocide. Yes, there are concentration camps. Indeed, war tribunals are needed, and Assad and his top officials should end up there. You can blame the opposition for their bungling and fear the extremists, those who were borne out of the ashes and those exported to and imported into our land, as much as you want, but the methodical genocidal venture unleashed by the Assad using the vestiges and institutions of the State, and with Iranian and Russian backing, is unparalleled. The two main sides of this conflict are not on the same moral plane. As for Al-Qaeda, it’s a third party that has inserted itself into the situation by manipulating the two main parties in pursuit of her own agenda. She is neither an ally of the rebels nor of the regime. She is in it for herself. And if she is maintaining its own detention camps and carrying out executions, the main victims in this case are often the rebels, the pro-democracy activists and their families as well. Assad is a carrying out a large-scale genocide in his turf, Al-Qaeda is attempting to do the same on a much smaller scale in theirs, and rebels and activists are fighting for their survival in both the regime-held areas and in the so-called “liberated” territories.