Notes on Current Developments – January 23, 2014

As talks in Geneva open with Vitriol, Accusations and Acrimony, according to local activists and certain revelations via social media, ISIS, Al-Nusra and the Islamic Front have reportedly reached a deal allowing for the establishment of a joint administration of all rebel-held territories in the country. The agreement calls for the establishment of  High Sharia Commission to supervise the conduct of military operations, assess the legality of agreements reached with members of the international community, provide services in local communities, launch economic development projects, and manage local sharia courts focused on resolving local disputes. If this development is indeed true, then, it comes to underscore the complete disassociation of the political process currently unfolding in Geneva from the realities on the ground.

Meanwhile, proof of genocide will not alter the position of the Obama Administration on Syria simply because there is nothing new in this revelation for her. The Administration has for long had ample knowledge of the genocidal nature of Assad’s campaign in Syria, and has chosen, nonetheless, to ignore it. But whatever comes out of Geneva will have little relevance on the ground unless it is accompanied by the willingness to impose it on all, the extremists conducting the genocide, that is, the pro-Assad sectarian militias and their foreign mercenaries, and the extremists taking advantage of the situation to implement their own agenda, that is, the Jihadis, local and imported.