Of course it’s Obama’s mess!

Rebels parade in Mosul (AP photo)
Rebels parade in Mosul (AP photo)

Will the U.S. intervene on Maliki’s side in Iraq? If Obama is honest about not determining outcomes of “somebody else’s civil war,” as he said in reference to Syria, then, he’s unlikely to do anything serious in terms of providing support to embattled Maliki.

As for air strikes, the U.S. needs clear targets for that, but Sunni rebels in Mosul and elsewhere, seem to have quickly intermingled with the local population, because, contrary to prevailing propaganda, they are not all foreign fighters and members of ISIS.

Moreover, as the two chaotic scenes in Syria and Iraq coalesce, the U.S. has to be careful about intervention in either country now: we have on the one hand, two ruling regimes that squandered any legitimacy they might have had on account of their sectarian tactics, the Assad regime in particular of course, busy as it is in perpetrating genocide, and we have ISIS and other Al-Qaeda affiliated groups on the other.

It’s a fine mess indeed America has created for herself, and us of course, through the action and inactions of the last administration and the current one.

For yes, there is much blame to go around for both ideological camps: neocons and liberals. After all, all involved are American citizens, and as far as the world is concerned the two sides have over the past 11 years joined forces to deliver a one two knockout punch to regional order in the Middle East, and beyond. So, it does not matter on the global scene who currently occupies the White House and what his ideological predilections happen to be, the mess in both Iraq and Syria is his to manage.

For those in Obama’s camp, the price of their inaction in Syria should now be clear, and their culpability in this mess is not something that they could afford to continue to deny if they are to retain the remaining ounce of credibility they have as leaders on the global stage. Otherwise, they will be more dire consequences for all, and not only in that God-forsaken yet somehow God-addicted region.

Now, I am not one to deny the role that Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, Saudis, Qataris, Kuwaitis, Turks and Russians have in this mess. But, through actions and inactions, the U.S. had a major role to play in this as well: the facts in this regard are too clear. Finger-pointing and blame-shifting does not constitute an adequate response, and is not something that can help contain the looming mayhem. America IS responsible, and that means that the Obama Administration needs to do something.

So, dear Congressmen and Congresswomen, dear Senators, and dear White House occupants, will you stop passing the freaking buck around, and be the fucking responsible adult leaders that both America and the world need! Or is that still too much to ask in 21st Century America?