Indifference Has a Price!

AP Photo celebrating the "new dynamic" between Obama and Netanyahu following their meeting in march 2013.
AP Photo celebrating the “new dynamic” between Obama and Netanyahu following their meeting in march 2013.

It’s not that he doesn’t care that chaos will be the main consequence of his inaction, or his extremely hesitant and minimalist actions; he seems to actually think that chaos is good. This is one point where he and Benjamin Netanyahu can agree: since their mortal enemies are busy fighting and weakening each other, they decided to give them all the leeway they need to stay at it.

Meanwhile, Obama and Netanyahu can watch and play the fiddle, and who can really blame them? If one is willing to set aside the humanitarian considerations involved, including the mass slaughter, the wholesale destruction of cities, the mass dislocation, and the systematic torture and rape campaigns; that is, if you can, in the name of real politick, embrace your inner Demon of Indifference, and set aside all the international legal doctrines that have been elaborated since the end of WWII, from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the Responsibility to Protect, by all means, then, play the fiddle, and rejoice: your enemies are destroying each other.

But since, in this day and age, an American president cannot be seen not only ignoring but also fueling and relishing an ongoing slaughter, Obama has to lie.

But what Obama is unable to see is that the fire in Syria is actually a fire in his own house, and those little burning embers being carried by the searing winds are eventually bound to come down on our heads. Soon, we will all burn. In this day and age, you might succeed in shielding a few neighborhoods from a raging fire, but you can no longer shield an entire country, not to mention the world. There are no local crises and local fires. Everything has gone global. Every little thing has an impact, even cow farts.