Hating America, Loving America


Yes, there are those out there who hate America just for being America, a powerful country doing what powerful countries do with all the usual flare and smugness that come with power, and not for anything that she has specifically done. They hate her and criticize her because they covet her power, but should they somehow manage to usurp it, they will not wield it any differently, and might even do worse things.

Personally, I criticize America because I believe in the promise she offers and want her to live up to it, and want her to be better. It breaks whatever left of my heart to see my original homeland, Syria, fall apart and my chosen one, America, betray herself. Whatever remnants of geographical belonging I previously had are now effectively gone. The “freedom” that this feeling brings with it is as bitter as freedoms always are. Still, I’d much rather the bitterness of truth and freedom to the sweetness of bondage and illusions.