An End to Our War

The bulk of the slaughter and devastation in Syria is being wrought by the Assad regime, not ISIS or the rebels. Yet, there are still those who would prescribe cooperation with the Assad regime as the lesser of all evils. But rewarding killers does not end the suffering, rather, such move a move buys a mere reprieve as all sides prepare for another more bloody and devastating round.

I don’t know how many would-be or wannabe Einsteins and Mozarts died in Syria as a result of the war Assad unleashed, but I do know that there were surely many carpenters, grocers, farmers, bakers, tailors, soldiers, doctors and engineers, and that each and every one of them, by virtue of their humanity alone, was entitled to live in dignity. That knowledge suffices for me to want an end to this war, an end that brings with it the possibility of a dignified existence, not reward the killers.