Core Interest


According to President Obama:

“At this point, the U.S.’s core interests in the region are not oil… Our core interests are that everybody is living in peace . . . that children are not having barrel bombs dropped on them, that massive displacements aren’t taking place.”

So what did Obama do to defend these new core interests as he identified them? How is abandoning Syria, striking a Faustian deal with Iran, ordering drone attacks in Yemen and Pakistan, supposed to help?

Judging by his actions and inaction, and not his words, spreading chaos on the cheap seems to be Obama’s only real foreign policy accomplishment. But even that doesn’t seem to have been done by design. He seems to have either slept-walk or stumbled upon this policy as he tried desperately to avoid any serious foreign entanglement, because appearing as man of action may not behoove a man who has already won the Nobel Price, just because!  

Obama hasn’t stopped a single barrel bomb from dropping, and he has consistently refused to undertake any serious step that could have led to this, such as imposing a no-fly zone, and yet, here he is boasting that stopping such bombs is a core interest of the United States! Someone should give this guy a mental competency test, because he is failing to make any sense. Something in his mental faculty seems to have rotted to the core.