Toward A New World Order

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Every historical period has given us different powers-that-be that shaped its main events according to their particular interests and worldview. These pivotal powers often derive their legitimacy from the ability to impose their will on others as well as from a certain set of principles and values that coincide with the belief systems of the prevailing majorities involved. Appeals to principles and values have always been necessary in order to mobilize public opinion in support of policies and actions that might otherwise seem objectionable and illegitimate.

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More Thoughts on Agnes, Genocide Denier and Mother of Lies!

Amarji Special

Agnes Mariam de La Croix, née Fadia Al-Laham, is not necessarily enamored with Bashar Al-Assad or his murderous sectarian regime, and is not necessarily in the pay of his security officers, although her part in facilitating the killing of French journalist Gilles Jacquier, raises some questions in this regard. In her defense of the Assad regime and its genocide, through cover-up, whitewashing and lies, she seems to be motivated by pure religious hatred of Islam and Sunni Muslims in particular, irrespective of their degree of religiosity or lack thereof. This is not an uncommon attitude among the confessional minorities in Syria. Though Sunni extremist groups do provide some justification for this hatred and do indeed reciprocate it, lending support to an ongoing genocidal campaign, by distorting facts and spreading straight out lies is unchristian to say the least. But then the history of religious establishments in authoritarian societies, their particular faith notwithstanding, shows us that they often produce more criminals than saints, because they often become another cog in the machine of corruption, oppression and domination, if not its important instrument.

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Into the Quagmire!

Through inaction and contradictory policy statements, the Obama Administration has plunged the U.S. into the very sectarian quagmire in the Middle East officials were hoping to avoid.

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If major segments of the Sunni communities in the Middle East have come to develop unfavorable views of American policies, especially those of the Obama Administration, the perceptions of Shia communities (and by extension Alawite communities as well) of Obama’s policies are not that favorable either. Indeed, despite the gains that Iran and Shiite communities across the region have made over the last few years as a result of American policies in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere, and despite the recent “breakthrough” with Iran, anti-Americanism remains rampant in Shia circles, and stoking its fires will continue to a favorite pastime for political and religious leaders of Shia background for years, if not decades to come. Obama’s policies are alienating old friends and allies, but they are not making new ones.

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Is Obama waging war against Sunni Islam?

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The United States is tired of being the policeman of the world, we are told. But when we wonder about the alternative, we are told it is the UN. But the UN does not move without leadership and its decisions can be blocked by Russia or China who apparently have no problem with genocide. NATO does not move without US approval, when Turkey wanted to call on it to intervene, the Obama Administration made it clear that it would not welcome this development. The Arab League has never proven effective in this regard. Moreover, it, too, requires a tacit American approval before endorsing major action.

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