Wrong Calculus!

Amarji Special

My opposition to the deal with Iran is not premised on any assumptions about her potential future behavior, but on facts related to her current one, especially her financial, logistical and military support of Bashar Al-Assad even as he perpetrates genocide against the majority Sunni population in Syria. When I say that Iran seeks to project power in the region by exploiting Shia communities there, this, too, is not on assumption, but an observation of a decades-long trend.

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The Bad Deal

NOW: The bad deal

In Geneva, the Obama administration “successfully” negotiates the terms of America’s surrender

While many analysts seem to be celebrating the interim agreement just signed in Geneva – under which Iran will suspend portions of its nuclear program in exchange for decreased economic sanctions – a closer examination in the context of regional trends gives little reason for optimism.

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The Russian Proposal: Opportunity or Trap?

Published on NOW: September 10, 2013

This article published yesterday in NOW elaborates on a recent Facebook status, but it is obviously dated now after the Obama’s speech. Things are moving quickly and writing on current affairs is not easy. Still, the argument is the same: if President Obama truly believes in what he is peddling – that Assad needs to be punished, and eventually ousted – then, he needs to find a way to retrieve the initiative and launch his heralded limited strikes which, knowing the fragility of the Assad regime, will have a major impact on the conflict. Continue reading “The Russian Proposal: Opportunity or Trap?”

In Syria, the punishment must fit the crime

NOW Lebanon

If the purpose of the looming U.S.-intervention in Syria is to restore America’s credibility, and more specifically President Obama’s, which has suffered measurably on the international scene as a result of his foot-dragging over the last two and a half years, then a limited intervention will prove insufficient and will surely backfire. Continue reading “In Syria, the punishment must fit the crime”