Aref Dying?

Sources are reporting that Aref Dalilah’s health is failing quickly and that he is liable to collapse at any given moment. Prison doctors have reportedly recommended that he be subjected to a variety of tests and scans,but, so far, prison authorities have not responded to their demands. Judging from the recalcitrance and indifference of the international community with regard to cases of unlawful imprisonment, torture and crackdowns that are currently taking place in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere in the region,Aref Dalilah might as well die of some brain clot or heart attack, or even under torture, and no one will do anything about it, beyond issuing some worn out and meaningless condemnation. Continue reading “Aref Dying?”

The Bounni-Brammertz Conundrum!

Despite the attempt of regime sympathizers to deny it, the wife of jailed lawyer and human rights activist Anwar al-Bounni has come outconfirming the reality of her husband continuing hunger strike which is about to enter its third week.But the mere attempt at denial here is a sign that the Assad regime does indeed feel embarrassed by this development and is feeling the brunt of international pressures and condemnation in this regard. Continue reading “The Bounni-Brammertz Conundrum!”

The Brave Bounni!

Anwar al-Bounni, brave Syrian lawyer and human rights activist, is nowenteringinto his second week of being on a hunger strike. His tenacity seems to have inspired the remaining 10 activists, who were all arrested as part of the recent wave of crackdown in the country, to decide to undertake a similar strike themselves this coming Monday. Meanwhile, Anwar will reportedly be taken to the Ibn al-Nafees Hospital soon, as his condition continues to worsen and his morale continues to sag. Anwar was kidnapped as he was about to enter his car a week ago, and was repeatedly beaten for a few days, in spite of his age and ill health (he is in his 60s). This heretic can only pray for Brave Anwar at this stage, and can only bemoan the fate of a country who insists on devouring her best and most devout children.

Free Syria!

Kudos to the Syrians in Paris fororganizing this important sit-in support of Syria’s dissidents and activists in these difficult times. For indeed our colleagues in Syria need every little help we can give them, seeing the difficult conditions of their imprisonment, and seeing that Anwar al-Bunni continues to refuse to end his hunger strike, which he started both in protest of his unlawful imprisonment and theludicrous charges which were brought against him, including that of taking part in a secret society that seeks to overthrow the regime. Continue reading “Free Syria!”