Normalcy in Syria, a mere façade

Underneath the façade of normalcy that Syrian authorities are good at orchestrating for the benefit of their foreign visitors, the human rights situation in the country is in constant deterioration on account of continuous and intensified crackdowns. Indeed, Syrian jails now host the world’s oldest dissident (Haitham Al-Maleh, 80) and the world youngest (Tal Al-Mallouhi, 19). Indeed, the latter has not been seen by anyone since her arrest less than a year ago, and is rumored to have died under torture. Despite a massive international campaign demanding her release, Syrian authorities continue to withhold all information regarding her whereabouts and condition. Meanwhile, European and American leaders are busy engaging Bashar Al-Assad in the misplaced hope of breaking his regime’s long-term strategic alliance with Iran, and for this, they are willing to put up with the man’s murderous practices in Syria and across the region. Syria is an authoritarian state and the Assad regime is corrupt and repressive. The world should not be made to forget this fact, and the world’s free press should continuously highlight it. CNN needs to do a report to bring a semblance of balance to coverage related to Syria.


Free Fedaa!

As the elected president of the National Council of the Damascus Declaration, the largest opposition movement in Syria, Dr. Fedaa Al-Horani, now languishing in Syrian jails alongside other Council members and thousands of Syrian political prisoners of all ages and political backgrounds, is simply put our Syrian Aung San Suu Kyi. Unfortunately, her plight and that of her comrades continue to receive scant international attention. But, as the International Woman’s Day (March 8th) approaches, it seems fitting for all free Syrians to celebrate the achievements and stands of Dr. Al-Horani. Here’s to a great lady!

On Syria


  1. Never judge a people by their government, be it democratic or authoritarian. Governments are always fucked up, and peoples decent and good. 7:15 PM Jul 4th
  2. Syria’s Princess Diana wannabe wants her people to be part of the solution and not just complain. Hmm. How sincere 12:34 AM Jul 5th
  3. Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Syria’s ruler, God’s Most Perfect Moron, invites President Obama for a friendly chat 12:36 AM Jul 5th
  4. I guess crackdowns and sham elections are meant as incentives to encourage popular participation in the national exercise in self-deception. 12:40 AM Jul 5th
  5. This time last year in Syria, scores of political prisoners were gunned down in the infamous prison of Saydnaya: 12:43 AM Jul 5th Continue reading “On Syria”

Neither Sleet Nor Snow

New York City greeted our planned Sit-In calling for the release of prisoners of conscience in Syria and which took place in front of UN headquarters with severe cold and much snow. But that did not deter us. Khawla, Mouhanad and I spent the whole day, but then we had to get back to Washington. Others braved it for 2-days.

I can be recognized by my ponytail
Khawla and Mouhanad
Blogging while we work

A brief interview (Arabic only)