On Syria


  1. Never judge a people by their government, be it democratic or authoritarian. Governments are always fucked up, and peoples decent and good. 7:15 PM Jul 4th
  2. Syria’s Princess Diana wannabe wants her people to be part of the solution and not just complain. Hmm. How sincere http://tinyurl.com/nbr52q 12:34 AM Jul 5th
  3. Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Syria’s ruler, God’s Most Perfect Moron, invites President Obama for a friendly chat http://tinyurl.com/klrpyx 12:36 AM Jul 5th
  4. I guess crackdowns and sham elections are meant as incentives to encourage popular participation in the national exercise in self-deception. 12:40 AM Jul 5th
  5. This time last year in Syria, scores of political prisoners were gunned down in the infamous prison of Saydnaya: http://tinyurl.com/nl9r86. 12:43 AM Jul 5th
  6. This time last year, Sarkozy ignored the ongoing massacre in Saydnaya Prison and invited Syria’s ruler to Paris. How Hospitable! 12:46 AM Jul 5th
  7. International media naturally developed a convenient case of amnesia regarding the Massacre. Sky News wasted a rare opportunity to raise it. 12:49 AM Jul 5th
  8. What happens to good journalists when they get an opportunity to interview dictators? Do they check their integrity and courage at the gate? 12:54 AM Jul 5th
  9. Don’t mind Syrian Lions in July: it’s their season for getting more ants in the pants and shit in the brains, for becoming criminally insane 1:05 AM Jul 5th
  10. Syria’s First Wench wants to be a Diana, acts more like a Marie. Next she’ll be asking Syrians to eat cake. Anyone has a guillotine handy? 1:11 AM Jul 5th
  11. Thanks to the Assads, Saydnaya no longer stands for history and generosity, but for tales of captivity, torture and massacre. For shame. 2:26 AM Jul 5th