Syrian regime air raids kill scores in Aleppo

Syrian regime air raids kill scores in Aleppo – Middle East – Al Jazeera English.

Syria, rebel-held areas, AKA the forgotten zones, AKA the Land of the Poor and the Betrayed: No more milk, no more bread, and death comes by the barrel. Schools are closed, because they are often targeted by “random” shelling. So are the bakeries, and the hospitals. There’s no more education, except in the arts of survival and war, and no more healing, for wounds are meant to remain forever open, to feed the hate, and fuel the agony. Elsewhere, a Tiny Tim might say: “God bless us every one!” In #Syria, he says: “Fuck you all. Just wait until I grow up.” Foolishly, the world does wait.

The struggle for Syria’s soul

The struggle for Syria’s soul.

In her first article for NOW, my daughter Oula travels down memory lane to discuss the competition between Islamists and Baathists for control over Syria’s children’s minds and souls using the country’s educational system, a competition which, she argues convincingly, paved the way for the current showdown on the ground. Our struggle for liberty is “herculean,” indeed.