Prelude to War!

I have long come to believe that the cause of national liberation and independence, upon which we were raised and never weaned, has served more as an instrument for our continued enslavement by the ruling regimes than anything else.Indeed, the national discourse and the constant calls for mobilization against a declared enemy were at best a diversionary measure meant to postpone any serious consideration of our developmental problems and our ruling regimes’ corruption and inherent authoritarian predilections. Continue reading “Prelude to War!”

A Jolly Freak Show!

In 2001, and shortly after the outbreak of the Palestinian Aqsa Intifadah, the streets of Damascus got filled with real spontaneous demonstrations organized by student groups, artists and lawyers and professionals from all stripes announcing their support to the Palestinian people and their just demands. Continue reading “A Jolly Freak Show!”

A Tale of Mayhem Foretold!

To all those who thought I am raving mad when I told them that the adventurist streak of the Assads runs so deep inside of them that we will be hard pressed to distinguish it from a serious death-wish, I say: do you believe me now? You still don’t? Well say hello to the Popular Committee for the Liberation of the Golan, an organization whose official presence has just beenannouncedand whose founders, made up of lawyers, activists and former MPs of Golanese descent, describe it as “political military organization” that will deploy “whatever means necessary” to get back the Golan. Continue reading “A Tale of Mayhem Foretold!”



We need to determine exactly where we are going and what it is that we are seeking in order to be able to choose the right path.

It is quite simple to understand why a people, who have been living under the humiliating conditions of foreign occupation for decades now, would feel so much frustration, bitterness, anger and hate. It is also simple to understand the need for an emotional outlet in these circumstances. That violence should proceed from this situation is not at all surprising.  Continue reading “Whereto?”