Syria: A Fire Within

A scene from "Syria: A Fire Within."
A scene from “Syria: A Fire Within.”

Amid the flurry of really wonderful documentaries about Syria and the Syrian revolution that are emerging these days, this one might represent a more modest effort in this regard, and might seems a bit dated now since it was mostly filmed in the summer of 2012. Still, since the focus here is to trace the roots of the Syrian revolution and its transformation into an armed struggle, and to showcase the betrayal of the nonviolent liberal prodemocracy activists that led the early protests throughout the country by the leaders of the free world, the subject matter maintains certain relevance and seems to distinguish this effort from other works.

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The First Six Months

Every analytical piece dealing with the Obama Administration policy on Syria has so far glossed over the administration’s baffling lack of action in the first six months of the revolution. Perhaps because any attempt at an explanation will open the door wide for all sorts of conspiracy theories. The alternative is to believe that the Administration has many morons in its upper ranks, in addition to the President himself. I lean towards believing in this alternative.