Cameron, Clegg and Miliband: fate of Syrian children hangs in the balance

Cameron, Clegg and Miliband: fate of Syrian children hangs in the balance | The Guardian.

This is mere grandstanding. Without peacekeepers on the ground willing to confront both regime and Al-Qaeda militias when necessary, no such access can be provided in most areas where humanitarian assistance is needed. But no one has been willing to volunteer peacekeepers, as no peacekeeping mission is possible without agreement of all sides. In the final analysis, nothing short of decapitating the two-headed monster (Assad and Al-Qaeda) feeding on our children can actually work.

150 Syrian refugees ‘disappear’ in Greece

150 Syrian refugees ‘disappear’ in Greece | Europe | World Bulletin.

Sweden and, to a certain extent, Germany have set a good example for how Europe should deal with Syria’s refugees arriving onto her shores. Bulgaria, Italy and Greece are setting a bad one. The United States, reflecting the thinking of her President, remains of a few minds about the situation. Meanwhile, hundreds of Syrians die every day and thousands join the ranks of refugees as the world turns its back, insistently, as if by doing so the problem would just disappear. On this Christmas Days, let me just say: “Fuck You World.”