Syria and the two headed monster

Silvia Veroli | October 11, 2013

Below is an English translation made by Silvia Veroli herself. The Italian original can be found here

“In Syria we are now faced with a two-headed monster: the Assad regime and Al-Qaeda. Contrary to what many believe, the two more often cooperate than fight. Moderates are their common enemy. In order to understand this point, go to Google Earth, look up Raqqa City and zero in on it. You will find a big structure at the outskirt of the city, this is the governor’s palace, but it has been occupied by Al-Qaeda for months now, and this is common knowledge, but Assad’s air force has so far targeted hospitals, schools, and civilian neighborhood and never once did it target the palace. If AQ is Assad’s enemy why not target its positions? They are pretty known. But Assad needs AQ to fight moderate rebels and score points with the international community”.  Continue reading “Syria and the two headed monster”

We, the Barbarians!

Have all leaders, religious and political, in the so-called Muslim World, become illiterate all of a sudden? Or are they intent on using every little opportunity that presents itself to prove in deed what they continue to deny in words, namely: that Islamic civilization and culture are dead, and that Muslims are adamant on continuing their head-long descent into barbarity? Continue reading “We, the Barbarians!”