One Day That Could Change Syria!

With all the discontent we are currently witnessing in Syria vis-à-vis official corruption, and seeing that the entire message of fighting corruption has now being hijacked by the likes of Khaddam, wouldn’t it be possible for the Syrian opposition to try to tap into that by calling for a one day work stoppage as a demonstration of popular discontent with regard to the spread of corruption and the inefficacy of government efforts to combat it? 

This idea should be pretty marketable seeing that it does not constitute a direct challenge to the regime, and that it does not involve demonstrations or sit-ins, and that the basic idea for it is for people, be they state employees, small business owners, doctors, lawyers, taxi drivers, grocers, whatever, to simply not show for work on a certain agreed day.

The idea itself could be advertised by lesser politicized civil society organizations and activists, rather than political opposition groups, in order to make it more acceptable and less risqué for the greatest possible segment of the population. But it should nonetheless receive the tacit support of these groups, which should also be organized in advertising it.

If such a movement should succeed, its impact is going to be much larger than we might think at first and future follow up events could then become balder and more overtly political.

I really think that the time has indeed come for such an idea. I really believe that the opposition needs to opt for such a stratagem at this stage.

Shall we make it February 1st, 2006 then? If you agree, let me know and spread the word.