The Real Heresy that is Freedom!

If Khaddam can bring enough pressure on the Assad regime to break it, this will not constitute a move towards democracy in itself. But such a development will have broken the status quo, the stalemate that has been plaguing us for years. A popular uprising against Khaddam and his new government might easier to organize in such conditions, considering that his claim to legitimacy will be even less than that of Bashar.  Continue reading “The Real Heresy that is Freedom!”

One Day That Could Change Syria!

With all the discontent we are currently witnessing in Syria vis-à-vis official corruption, and seeing that the entire message of fighting corruption has now being hijacked by the likes of Khaddam, wouldn’t it be possible for the Syrian opposition to try to tap into that by calling for a one day work stoppage as a demonstration of popular discontent with regard to the spread of corruption and the inefficacy of government efforts to combat it?  Continue reading “One Day That Could Change Syria!”