What, already?

In less than a week Bashar al-Assad has managed to piss off both the French President, and Rep. Patrick Kennedy. Lebanon and human rights were the stumbling blocks, it seems. Bashar, unsurprisingly, wants complete freedom to screw everybody he wants to in these two countries, not to mention Iraq and Gaza. Some of us have known that for a long time, but some had to find out on their own, I reckon. But the end result is the same: it is the end of engagement, or at least, this particular foolish phase of it. 

Yes, there might still people around who wouldn’t mind wasting their time, but don’t fear them. Rather urge them on, “engage the Assads please, we beg you.” Meanwhile, let’s prepare for the day when everybody is disillusioned. This game of engagement and disillusionment can go on for a very long time, time better spent, by those who give a real damn about change in Syria, preparing the grounds for an endgame.

Still, it is really great to see the Assads greeting the New Year with the usual show of defiant stupidity. I knew I could always count on them for entertainment, albeit a bloody and savage one: a circus maximus of the provinces I guess.