Tweets Of Revolutions


  1. Revolutions are the only option that can afford our peoples the chance to influence the decision-making processes in the region. 7:47 PM Jun 13th
  2. If you are serious about revolution, you have to be serious about organization and ready to handle the mess. It’s not enough to shout out. 7:48 PM Jun 13th
  3. Preparing for a revolution is an industrial process. Preparing a dozen revolutions is more so. But that’s exactly what we need in our region 7:53 PM Jun 13th
  4. We need to build an organized constituency and a sustained momentum for change, a single spark here and there is not enough. 7:56 PM Jun 13th
  5. We have to connect the dots, exchange expertise, fight simultaneously on different fronts, and continuously reshuffle operational priorities 7:58 PM Jun 13th Continue reading “Tweets Of Revolutions”

مشروعية التطرف

يمكن للناس أن تفكر بشكل براجماتي (ذرائعي) أو معتدل عندما يكون لديها ما تخسره، لكن التطرّف يصبح القاعدة السائدة والمشروعة عندما لا يبقى لدينا ما نخسره. والسؤال: هل بقي لدينا ما نخسره؟

Tweets Of Iranian President Elections & The Green Elections

  1. Was it fraud? Or does Ahmadinejad’s “win” reflect his ability to cast himself a champion of the poor in a state where the majority is poor? 3:51 PM Jun 13th
  2. If fraud was involved in the elections, then Ahmadinejad and clique, with Khamenei’s backing, must have already planned for a showdown. 6:06 PM Jun 13th
  3.  Should Ahmadinejad emerge emboldened and unscathed from the current showdown, then our eyes should immediately turn back to Lebanon and Gaza 6:20 PM Jun 13th
  4. Fraud or no fraud, the world now has to deal with a more defiant Ahmadinejad and a troubling N. Korea. The “Axis of Evil” is fighting back. 6:38 PM Jun 13th
  5. Terminologies notwithstanding, the current situation in Iran argues for more sustained support for democracy activists in our region. 6:42 PM Jun 13th Continue reading “Tweets Of Iranian President Elections & The Green Elections”