Saints Need Not Apply!

Comment 1: Multilateralism does not preclude the need for leadership and decisiveness, especially when we have many dangerous facts on the ground moving at too fast a pace.

Comment 2: ElBaradei is already facing an uphill battle and he needs everybody to mount a serious campaign that has the least bit of a chance to shake the system. ElBaradei needs to cast a wider net and do some ego-stroking. His old-style as a UN technocrat might lend him credibility but it is not going to work in the political field.

Comment 3: Transforming ideals into actions and moving from theory to practice – this is where all hell breaks loose. Yet, this is what makes all the difference in the world. Ideas and ideals by themselves are meaningless.

Comment 4: Puritans risk becoming either hypocritical or irrelevant, if not criminally negligent. Ideas and Ideals need to be put into practice, for all the risk of subversion and error, in order to create a chance for the possibility of improvement, both on the collective and individual levels. The world does not need saints, but people who know how to pick themselves back up again after they fall.