The Uncreative Court Jester!

Comment 1: Is Creative Ambiguity an effective response to Creative Chaos? Whatever the answer may be, we will be dealing with them for years to come, and their long-term impact could be equally destructive. (AA) “Beijing’s reluctance to commit to meaningful high-level military-to-military talks is part of an agenda to deliberately foster ambiguity — a well-established approach in both ancient and contemporary Chinese competitive thinking.”  (Foreign Policy)

Comment 2: “Abbas tells U.S. Jews: I would never deny Jewish right to the land of Israel.” This little sentence might just usher in the creation of an independent Palestinian State. The bad news: this is not what the conflict is about anymore.

Comment 3: Syrian comic actor Hammam Hout said in an interview: “Since President Assad came to power in 2000 he has pushed the line for criticism. He has asked for criticism” I say, Hammam, criticism on demand makes you a court jester, not a social critic or a champion of the people, and only confirms the autocratic nature of the system.