Popular Revolution

Facebook: October 9, 2013

Indeed, a popular revolution is supposed to take us to a better place, it just cannot do so in two years, or even two decades. Perhaps in two generations we might find ourselves inching closer to where we want to be. Meanwhile there is still plenty of suffering ahead. That’s the nature of revolutions and historical awakenings: first the worst comes and reigns for a while, and so long as it keeps making us yearn for an imagined better past, whether the one immediately preceding the revolution, or one sunk in the deepest recesses of history, it will stay. But once we begin to truly yearn for a better future based on ideals and dreams that are not so clearly defined, that’s when things begin to get better, and the revolution begins to yield its real fruits. This might sound like idealistic nonsense at this stage, but it also happens to be one of those basic lessons of history when revolutions are concerned, at least, as far as I can tell.