The reason for my current pessimism

There is a lot of rational people out there, on the right and left, whose political analysis of the various unfolding crises around us can be often astute. But at this stage, they all seem to be missing something – the underlying trend that is driving everything: the idea that when crimes perpetrated by the ruling elite anywhere go unpunished in this day and age, they invite chaos on a grand-scale, one that poses an existential threat to us all. What worked in the 18th, 19th and even the 20th centuries will not work now. No nation’s a fortress, and no people are immune from the fallouts of the myriad unfolding and seemingly localized crises.

There are few truly local crises these days. Most crises are indeed global. Despite all the borders that still exist and all those that might still appear, humanity today is effectively united, and our destinies as peoples and individuals are interlinked like never before. Now more than ever, we need a truly global vision and a truly global order. And a global police force to maintain that order everywhere. It’s time we began taking the idea of forming a global government seriously. Thinking along such lines can no longer be treated as part of some science fiction or futuristic scenario, because every crises we are experiencing today, from identity conflicts, to energy politics, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and environmental disasters, hearken back on this glaring deficit: the lack of a representative and fair global governance structure to which we can turn not only in times of crises, but to avert such crises to begin with.

But ideas without champions can never flourish. No leader on the global stage today seems willing to embrace such a challenge. This is the reason for my current pessimism.